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Samsung P1500 BluRay player gets BD-Live upgrade & June launch

Samsung fourth-generation BluRay player, the BD-P1500, has been delayed until June as the company updates its specifications to include BD-Live functionality.  First announced back in January, the P1500 was originally slated for a May launch with a MRSP of $399.  Capable of full 1080p playback, the unit will also upscale normal DVDs to 720p, 1080i or 1080p.

Westinghouse 16-inch HDTV offers maximum placement flexibility

I'd always thought TVs under the 30-inch mark were really too small for you to appreciate HDTV, but Westinghouse Digital are too busy enjoying the fact that their latest LCD TV is super-flexible to wonder whether 1080p is wasted on just 16-inches.  The dual hinge and compact dimensions of the PT-16H610S mean it's ideal for small spaces, such as kitchens, and you can mount it upside-down (flipping the detachable bezel) beneath a cabinet or on the wall.  Everything is controlled by touch-sensitive buttons on the base section.

Super Talent Project X high-performance 4GB DDR3-1800 RAM kit

Super Talent Technology are already known on these pages for their high-performance solid state drives, but the memory company also specialises in speciality RAM under their Project X banner.  Intended for gamers and other users who demand excessive performance from their systems, Super Talent are claiming their new Project X DDR3-1800 4GB kit is the first on the market offering that much memory running at that fast a speed.  Rivals, apparently, have only managed DDR3-1600.

Medion Akoya Mini E1210 – yet another Eee alternative

PC manufacturer Medion have taken a look at the ultraportable Eee-rival market and decided there's no way it's saturated enough; there's plenty of room for their Akoya Mini E1210, an HP Mini-Note lookalike only bearing a 10-inch display rather than the HP's 8.9 LCD.  Powered by Intel's new Atom ultra-efficient mobile processor, the usual Linux OS is present and a traditional 1.8-inch hard-drive of as-yet unspecified capacity.  1GB of RAM and two USB ports are pretty much par for the budget-ultraportable course.

Samsung YP-S2 1GB Shuffle-rival

Samsung's latest music-only portable media player gets off to a good start by virtue of not being an iPod clone; in fact, the pebble-like YP-S2 is really more of a shiny audio nugget.  Of course, you could say that instead they've looked to Sony's DAP range for their inspiration.  Available in five colors, the YP-S2 has 1GB of non-expandable storage and saves space by virtue of a removable USB plug that clicks into the 3.5mm headphone socket when needed.

Sony HDD-toting DVD recorders aim for under your BRAVIA

Sony has announced three new combination DVD recorder and hard-drive PVRs, boasting direct digital copying from compatible camcorders, 1080p upscaling and a choice of analogue or digital TV tuners.  The RDR-HX1080 and RDR-HXD1090 both come with a 500GB hard-drive, enough for 1420 hours of recordings at the lowest quality level (or 73 hours at HQ+ maximum quality).  The HXD1090 and HXD1095 both have a DVB-T digital terrestrial tuner alongside their analogue tuner.

Microsoft Live Mesh promises consumer cloud computing

Aiming to bring user data together and aid collaboration, Microsoft have announced Live Mesh, an example of so-called 'cloud computing'. The system, eventually to be compatible with PCs, mobile devices and Apple's hardware, synchronizes data via the internet while also maintaining an online store that can be accessed from anywhere with web access. A free service (initially limited to 10,000 beta testers using Windows systems), it includes 5GB of online storage. Microsoft plan to extend both numbers and compatibility later on this year.

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The Skullcandy Hydration Backpack

For anyone who is actually going to leave their computers behind and head out into the great outdoors as the weather continues to warm up, you might want to check out this Skullcandy backpack. The Hydration Pack has a built in 72 oz. water bottle that features a bite valve and seeing as how it's Skullcandy it also keep you attached to your iPod.

Gaming celebrity look-alikes

After staring at a game so long, eventually you start seeing things everywhere that remind you of it. Maybe certain people start looking like the hero of the game. Well someone finally took the time to point out a few celebrities that have a striking resemblance to different characters.

Magic Online III – you’re better off sticking with real cards

I have on occasion played Magic the Gathering, I have always done the version that involves actual physical cards, but I have debated on occasion whether or not to give the online game a whirl. However, this recent news about Magic Online III isn't exactly giving me that extra shove to convert to online.

Five new Satellite Pro Laptops from Toshiba

Five new Satellite Pro Laptops from Toshiba

Toshiba's new Satellite Pro laptops are affordable with price starting at $699 to $1149. The display sizes range from 13.3-inch to 17-inch displays, you're bound to find the right laptop for your business or personal needs. Aside from the nine different configurations, you get to pick from an Intel Centrino processor or AMD Dual core processors

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ASUS insists Eee battery issues sorted by June

Asustek has announced that its battery shortage - which it was feared would significantly affect shipments of notebooks, particularly the popular Eee model - should be resolved by the end of Q2 this year. In March, the company warned that the shortage, which was affecting all manufacturers and not just Asustek's range, could lead to 40-percent of its Q2 orders being delayed. The problem had been caused by a fire at a major Korean battery factory owned by LG Chem.