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Make your own SSD drive

I've been tempted to use a solid state drive for the primary disk for my desktop. Of course I only need to look at the current prices in order to come to my senses. Sure, you could pick up a CompactFlash to IDE converter for next to nothing, but a decent sized CF card will still set you back a nice chunk. But what if you could combine two such cards to create one drive?

Apple Q2 report suggests 2008 slowdown

Apple's Q2 2008 financial figures are out and, while management are flinging out the usual hyperbole-filled quotes, the stats themselves make for potentially worrying reading. While year-on-year comparisons (i.e. measuring Q2 2008 to Q2 2007) are reasonable, compared to Q1,sales of iPhones were down by over 600,000 while iPod sales have more than halved. Even Mac sales are seeing a slowdown, dropping by 30k units from the first quarter.

PROVIEW launch splash-proof LCD TV

After yesterday's TV ideal for your kitchen, today we continue our quest to put LCD screens around your home with a water-resistant set for the bathroom. Unlike that Westinghouse HDTV, though, the PROVIEW PA-15BA7 is standard definition. With a 15-inch screen, 450:1 contrast ratio and 120 degree x 100 degree viewing angle, it's not setting out to blow away your home cinema setup, but thanks to a waterproof remote and slash-resistant casing it's a lot happier mounted above the bath.

Opimus Maximus up for sale on ThinkGeek

What's the coolest keyboard that you've seen? I wouldn't be surprised if you said the Optimus Maximus. Honestly, that's probably the coolest one I've ever seen too. It seems that ThinkGeek is pretty impressed with it as well, so impressed, that they have decided to add it to their site for purchase.

Microsoft drop SPOT watch project

Microsoft are quietly pulling the plug on their SPOT watch project, which aimed to bring real-time weather and schedule updates to the wrists of the populace. According to Microsoft's Jon Canan, the technology will no longer be built into any new watches, and the most recent examples have sold out. However, the MSN Direct service itself will continue, meaning anybody still wanting to use their SPOT watch will be able to for the foreseeable future.

Microsoft to distribute Xbox 360 kiosks to children’s hospitals

I've always been a big fan of Child's Play. If you're not familiar, the guys over at Penny Arcade collect donations and use the money to bring video games to children who are stuck in various hospitals throughout the country during the holiday season. It usually comes down to gamers everywhere uniting to make the holidays easier for those children. It seems that Microsoft is thinking along the same lines, as they've launched a campaign that will ensure that hospitalized children will have access to Xbox 360s.

Grand Theft Auto IV for the 360 gets leaked

Hey kids, want to get your copy of Grand Theft Auto IV early? How about for free? No, we're not giving it away, however, apparently you can go out and find a download of it, because it has already been leaked online. This means you should go to your favorite tracker and download a copy for yourself, right? I'd really suggest against it, for several reasons.

Pre-order Command & Conquer 3, get a free Kane bobblehead

You see a lot of different items meant to entice you into pre-ordering your favorite game. Honestly, pre-ordering is probably one of the best ways to get cool swag from various games without actually going to a big con. GameStop rarely disappoints on the swag front, and the launch of Command & Conquer 3 is certainly no different.

If you pop into your local GameStop, you'll be able to slap down a few bucks to make sure there's a copy of Command & Conquer 3 with your name on it. As a treat, you'll be given a special Kane bobblehead. What's more is that in addition to bobbling his head when you move him, he'll even talk.

Test drive Mario Kart Wii against former 90210 star Jason Priestley

While I try to keep up on things, there are some that inevitably escape my notice. The goings and doings of celebrities are pretty high on the list of things I usually miss. Take for example that former 90210 star Jason Priestley is big into racing. I guess he even co-owns a racing team. Who knew? Anyway, as a racing buff, Nintendo decided he would be the perfect celeb to host the launch party for Mario Kart Wii.

QuakeCon 2008 announced

I used to be a big Quake fan back in the day. Few things would get my blood pumping more than fragging my friends and anonymous people over the net. However, as I became busier with real world duties such as working, I soon fell out of practice and found myself easy prey for others. Eventually I stopped playing altogether. If I were still up on my game, you could bet that I'd be making my way down to QuakeCon this summer.

Capcom makes good on IGN-stamped Okami box art

Remember the other day when I showed you the botched box art for the Wii version of Okami? Well, Capcom has taken notice to the outraged public and decided to do something about it.

If you're appauled by the IGN watermark stamped on the case, Capcom wants to make you feel better. Just head on over to their website and give them your name and address, and you'll get your choice of three different box art covers (one is shown above). Sounds pretty painless to me.

Soul Calibur IV tournament kit info revealed

Last week I informed you that Soul Calibur IV had been officially announced for a July 29th release. In addition to the regular versions of the game, there would also be a Premium Edition for each console. This version will set you back an extra $20 and include a few bonus items, including a mysterious tournament kit. Well, we have discovered exactly what this tournament kit consists of, and it's a bit disappointing.