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Get your new CoD4 maps and play with Infinity Ward devs tonight

If you've been itching for some new Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare maps, you should hit up the PlayStation Network and download the new Variety Map Pack. It includes four new maps, which are detailed after the jump.

Here’s a great way to get yourself banned from Xbox Live

Remember that little tip I gave you yesterday about being able to download Grand Theft Auto IV? What was the one thing I told you not to do if you still chose to download and play it? That's right, connect to Xbox Live. Apparently there are more than a few geniuses out there that have decided to rack up their achievements on Live.

Get your very own Mii statue

I love my Wii, and have been playing it more than my 360 since I got it. However, one thing that I've never really gotten into is designing my Mii. Sure, I made one, but I spent something like five minutes on it and pretty much just left it at that. I guess it kind of looks like me, but I honestly don't really care all that much.  For those that have spent much time perfecting their Wii, why not get a physical manifestation of your hard work?

Nintendo announces 30% increase in Wii production

Newsflash – The US is currently experiencing a shortage of Nintendo Wii consoles. Okay, so that's really nothing new, and neither is the fact that Nintendo is still sincerely upset about that fact. Well once again we are hearing news that they are ramping up production to compensate.

Samsung reveal latest LCD & Plasma price-list

Back in January, one of the more overwhelming CES 2008 launches was Samsung's assault force of LCD and plasma TVs.  Twenty-seven different models, the new screens ranged from a compact, low-end 18.9-inch 720p LCD, up through a variety of ranges covering most of the HDTV options, and topping out with a whopping great 63-inch plasma priced at; the only thing we didn't know was the price list.  If you've been holding off buying a new TV until Samsung played their cards, then check out the full list of options after the cut.

LG’s 32-inch OLED TVs expected in 2011

Mere days after Samsung announced its AMOLED TV production line would reach economy of scale by 2009, LG have countered with their own timeline for the low-power displays.  With ongoing investment into the technology, LG is expecting volume production of a 32-inch OLED TV sometime in 2011.  The news comes as the company released details of their latest LCD TV plant in in Paju, Korea, which is expected to begin large-scale production in March 2009.

WildCharge iPhone and iPod Touch wireless charger reviewed

WildCharge iPhone and iPod Touch wireless charger reviewed

Our iPhone-obsessed sibling site iPhone Buzz has had some exclusive hands-on time with WildCharge's wireless recharging pad and the company's new iPhone and iPod Touch adaptors. Built into gel-coated "skins" cases, they promise to cut the power cord and make juicing up your cellphone or PMP as straightforward as dropping it onto the $60 platter. The best news is, as Vincent found, the system actually works.

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Could Palm revive the Foleo as another Eee rival?

When Palm sent out invitations for users to trial an "innovative new product" earlier on this week, the criteria that participants must be heavy smartphone and email users, have a WiFi router and an account with Sprint led many to presume that it referred to the Treo 800w.  That handset - long in the making, and believed to be hitting Sprint in July - is expected to have the usual full thumbboard as well as WiFi, EV-DO Rev.A and Windows Mobile 6, and it seems reasonable that Palm would be beta testing it around now.  However, just as we were all about to file the rumor away, another possibility was suggested: could Palm be reviving the Foleo?

Willcom D4 UMPC import on sale in US

Willcom's D4 UMPC might be rocking the smartphone look but its guts are pure PC.  Running Vista on a 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor with 1GB of RAM, a 40GB hard-drive and 5-inch touchscreen, plenty of people were interested in the QWERTY-blessed device but Willcom are showing little interest in releasing it outside of Japan.  In situations like these, if you've the money, imports are your only option, and GeekStuff4U have just thrown up a pre-order page for the D4 which suggests they could be in the US by June 20th.

Keep track of your packages with the GPS Mail Logger

Have you ever sent out a package or letter, only to have the recipient inform you that they have not received it? You then have the wonderful task of attempting to track the package with whichever carrier you chose, and trying to discern from their vague updates just where it might be. Well now there's an alternative.

Archos 605 PMP gets GPS add-on with traffic alerts

Further blurring the line between their high-end PMP range and a PDA, Archos have announced a GPS add-on for the 605 WiFi media player. Consisting of a windscreen-mount cradle and separate SiRF III GPS puck, the accessory will add not only turn-by-turn navigation but traffic warnings and an accident notification service. Meanwhile, since the 605 is also a capable music player, users can set audio running and the GPS system will interrupt with direction instructions.

MSI Wind stars in hands-on video

MSI's Wind ultraportable was only announced last month, but already Uruninceleme have had one in for a video fondle. Unfortunately for those not lucky enough to speak Turkish, the conversation between the two presenters is somewhat difficult to decipher; however, the Wind itself speaks in the international language of "cool gadget" and so we can all enjoy the view. While they seem to be playing with the 10-inch version, MSI will also be making a Wind with an 8.9-inch display.

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