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MSI Wind is ready for its close-up

Having been somewhat light on press images for their new Wind budget-ultraportable, MSI have gone to the other extreme with sixteen all-round shots of the white notebook.  With a design vaguely redolent of the MacBook, the Wind will be available with 8.9 or 10-inch screens (both running at 1,024 x 600 with LED backlighting), an 80GB hard-drive and running Windows XP.  It's also bristling with air vents and, running along the front edge of the keyboard, enough status LEDs to light up a disco.

Samsung ‘Touch of Color’ LCD computer displays revealed

Making eyes not only at your living room but your desk too, Samsung has introduced a new range of LCD monitors under its "Touch of Color" (ToC) banner.  The four new models - the T190, T220, T240 and T260 - each have gloss-finish piano black and ruby red casings, and offer maximum contrast of 20,000:1, MagicColor intelligent color control and MagicBright Dynamic Contrast control.  They've also Samsung's SoftPower standby mode, which reduces energy consumption to just 0.3 Watts.

AMD ‘Hawkfish’ reference motherboard spotted with faster Southbridge

AMD are planning a refresh to their 790FX motherboard range that should satisfy power users and overclockers' demands for a better-performing Southbridge.  Currently 'boards using the 790FX chipset rely on the SB600 Southbridge, which in comparison to more recent chipsets has relatively poor PCI and SATA performance.  Fudzilla have found the reference design for the upcoming relaunch, which swaps out the SB600 for the newer SB750; codenamed "Hawkfish" it also includes broad RAID support and increased connectivity.

Pioneer unveil $12.5k KURO 1080p projector

Panasonic are set to launch its latest KURO high-end home entertainment component at a trade show in Munich, with the KRF-9000FD offering full 1080p resolution imagery.  Thanks to LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology the 9000FD manages an amazing 30,000:1 contrast ration, courtesy of JVC's D-ILA reflective light crystal system.  Full 1,920 x 1,080 native resolution at 600 lumens should offer up a decent fight to Sony's BRAVIA VPL-VW40.

Hawking parabolic WiFi adaptor boosts range by 600%

Long-distance WiFi accessories are nothing new, in fact you can craft one yourself from something as innocent as a Pringles tube, but Hawking Technologies have an option if hacking isn't your forte.  The Hi-Gain Wireless-300N is a high-gain dish adaptor, that hooks up via USB and can supposedly extend wireless range by up to 600-percent.  Supporting WiFi in b, g and n flavors, they're also claiming up to twelve times the data throughput.

Hi-tech spoon with built in scale for cooking – definitely not drugs

Although most people have tons of state of the art gadgets in their kitchen, that is the one area in my house that is very skimpy on technology. I have the essentials and that's it. Well if you're a kitchen gadget addict then you might want to check out this spoon with a built in scale.

The DIY Victorian Steampunk PC

Steampunk designs have all kind of gone with a similar theme, however this computer gives a Victorian twist. This DIY project by Jake Von Slott combines new technology with old parts and some supplies even came from the downtown dump.

The Star Wars R2D2 Speaker Set – major geek appeal but weak specs

If you've been on the prowl for some speakers with a bit of geek appeal, then R2D2 speakers are right up your alley. In recent years he's found all kinds of uses, mailboxes, trashcans, and now these cute little speakers.

Samsung profits up 37% from buoyant LCD and cellphone sales

Samsung has announced its financial performance figures for the past quarter, and it's been a healthy three months for the Korean company. Beating analyst forecasts, profit rose 37-percent, with the well-performing LCD and mobile communications arms of the company coming to the rescue of the ailing DRAM flash memory business. For the past five quarters DRAM has dropped in price, to just 90-percent of their initial value; Samsung and analysts alike now expect the division to turn the corner by the end of the next quarter.

iMac update predicted for next Tuesday

Rumors are circulating that Apple will launch an updated range of iMac desktop computers next Tuesday. While no cosmetic changes are expected, points of difference are believed to include processor speed and hard-drive capacity. Even better, prices should stay the same as for current models.

Budget ultraportables get roll-call

In the market for a new budget ultraportable notebook? In a way, I pity you: the burgeoning niche seemingly has new entrants every day, and a decision which once was "either cheap Eee or expensive Sony" now has multiple contenders. Liliputing know a thing or two about compact computers, and they've decided to throw us all a lifeline; their run-down of the latest & pre-release models should hopefully help you tell the difference between a Cloud and a Wind.

Toshiba HD-DVD cull prompts 95% profit crash

The high-definition disc format war may be over, but the real losers aren't those who bought HD-DVD players but Toshiba, the company behind the bested standard. The company has announced today that their net profit this past quarter dropped an astonishing 95-percent, thanks to losses prompted by the format pull-out. Overall, net profit scraped in at 1.25 billion yen (US$12m), versus 26.17 billion yen this time last year.

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