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Lenovo IdeaPad U110 $1,899 pre-orders start Tuesday

Lenovo have released a promotional video and - even more exciting - a firm pre-order date for their IdeaPad U110 ultraportable.  The notebook, which was announced back in January just prior to CES 2008, has an 11-inch screen with a "frameless" zero-profile bezel, 1.3-megapixel webcam and face-recognition biometrics.  Lenovo will be open to U110 pre-orders tomorrow, Tuesday 29th April, with the notebook priced at $1,899.


Check out the video of the IdeaPad U110 after the cut 

FC Mobile Portable NES for classic gaming on the move

Not quite as cool as fitting a full NES console into one of the actual cartridges, FC Mobile's portable NES console does actually let you play the games while on the move.  Running on a few AA batteries, the handheld has a 2.4-inch LCD screen and internal stereo speakers (together with a headphone socket if all that 8-bit music starts to frustrate your fellow passengers on the train).  Alternatively, you can hook it up to your TV via the included AV cable.

LaCie add capacity to 500GB Rugged external drive

LaCie has announced an update to its ruggedized external storage range, ideal for the clumsy traveller who insists on carrying all their media around with them.  Now available in a 500GB version, with almost no size increase on the older, smaller capacity models, LaCie have given the drive a shock-resistant rubber bumper and scratch-proof aluminium shell.  Inside, there's a well-swaddled 2.5-inch Hitachi Travelstar 5K500 HDD.

Rumor – Fall release for PS3 port of Bioshock

Bioshock was definitely one of my favorite games from 2007. We've heard rumors that the game will be making its way to the PS3 for some time, and now the latest issue of EGM once again fuels the rumor mill with a fairly specific launch date for the console.

Don’t expect price cuts for the Wii or DS any time soon

With the phenomenal sales of both the Nintendo DS and Wii, I've really wondered why people keep asking about a price drop. I know that we all hope for one, but it just doesn't seem logical. Okay, so the DS lite has been out for a while, and could probably use a bit of a price cut, however, we can't even keep the Wii on store shelves around, here, so what motivation would Nintendo have to lower the price? Well in case you were wondering, Nintendo has officially stated their stance on price cuts for both systems.

Rockstar responds to GTA: IV torrents

I'm sure that you guys remember hearing that Grand Theft Auto IV had made its way onto the internet last week. Since my piece was written, both the PAL and NTSC versions have been put up for download. We finally have a brief statement from Rockstar games regarding the recent torrents. Check it out after the jump.

Look who else has an IGN watermark

Last week I showed you the cover of Okami for the Wii, which happened to include a watermark from IGN. That was bad, and we were all pretty shocked that it managed to slip through the cracks at Capcom. They've since made up for it by offering a free replacement cover. However, it has just come to our attention that Bradygames has also done the same thing with their Okami strategy guide.

SlashGear Week in Review

It's been a week of ultraportables, frankly, with enough budget laptops vying for the Eee's crown to make the whole market more than a little confusing.  Medion announced their Akoya E1210 while 3K unveiled their own alternative; meanwhile, MSI finally released some decent photos of the Wind.  Thankfully there's now a comprehensive list of all the options available, meaning attention has turned from cataloguing to pondering whether Palm will join the fray with a re-worked version of the Foleo companion.  Stranger things (like the first Foleo, you could say) have happened.

Psystar video demo OS X clone; at least one customer claims delivery

Psystar likely expected to incur the wrath of Apple at some point during their OS X clone business, but they perhaps didn't predict the amount of ire from outraged Mac fans.  Having been branded both criminals and vaporware-peddlers, the company has attempted to rebuke at least the latter of those accusations with a video purporting to be their Open Computer system running, in three different setups, OS X, ubuntu and Windows Vista.  You can see the video after the cut, but be warned it's already got the conspiracy theorists muttering.

Creative ZEN PMP gets colorful makeover

Creative have quietly revealed new color options for their ZEN iPod-rival.  Set to be released in eye-catching pink and red versions, the PMP is otherwise identical to existing ZEN models.  That means you get the same 2.5-inch, 320 x 240, 16m color TFT display, choice of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB or 32GB flash storage and SD/SDHC expansion slot.

DIY G-Force meter

One of the cooler additions to the new Nissan GT-R is its multifunction computer, which among other things can tell you exactly how many G's you're experiencing as you fling it around the Nürburgring.  If you can't quite afford a GT-R, however, and you're still interested in knowing what forces are attempting to rearrange your entrails, PyroElectro have produced a tutorial for a DIY G-Force Meter.  Attaching to your windscreen via suction cups, it uses a simple accelerometer (the same sort of thing that tells your iPhone which way up you're holding it) to work out G-force to two decimal places.

SlashGear Exclusive – First Video of Zero for Rock Band

I just got word yesterday that in this week's DLC for Rock Band we'll be seeing Zero from the Smashing Pumpkins. I've been waiting around to hear this news for a very long time. Sure, I'm a huge Pumpkins fan, but that's not why. I've known about this particular song being being included in the game since I visited Harmonix last November. As a special weekend treat, I give you the first ever gameplay video of Zero for Rock Band after the jump.

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