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3.06GHz iMac gets Intel one-off CPU rather than early Montevina

Apple's refresh of the iMac line today no doubt left some rival manufacturers scratching their heads over how Steve Jobs and Co. got early access to the X9100 3.06GHz Centrino 2 chipset.  Not scheduled to be launched until June, the CPU - aka Montevina - will have a 1,066MHz front-side bus, compared to Santa Rosa's 800Hz.  Turns out, the answer is that Apple didn't get priority access; instead, Intel have tweaked an existing-generation CPU especially for the iMac.

ASUS rumored to launch standalone Eee brand

After Asustek CEO Jerry Shen revealed the company planned a 10-inch version of their runaway-success ultraportable, it looked as though the Eee roadmap was complete.  Now, a DigiTimes report suggests that, in an attempt to capitalise on the success of the range, they're considering splitting off the Eee as a separate brand.  In doing so, Asustek would be able to further develop the line-up without worry of treading on its own ASUS-branded toes.

HP Compaq announce new AMD-powered ‘Business Class’ desktops

HP Compaq has announced two new business desktop PCs, the dc5850 and dx2450, which will be available with AMD's Athlon X2, Phenom X3 and Phenom X4 processors, themselves freshly branded as "AMD Business Class processors".  The dc5850 has ATI Radeon 3100 graphics and AMD's own Cool'n'Quiet 2.0 technology, and can be specified with up to 8GB RAM and with a dual-drive RAID array dual-layer DVD burner.  Meanwhile the dx2450 - described as ideal for "daily tasks" - will ship with NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE graphics, up to 4GB RAM and SATA hard-drive in capacities up to 500GB. 

Touchscreen 40GB Eee hack on eBay for crazy $3,200

Could you ever bring yourself to spend more on a ASUS Eee than the price of a new MacBook Air, Lenovo X300 or Sony VAIO TZ?  Currently up on eBay for a whopping $3,200 (or open to bids from $2,800), this uber-Eee takes an innocent new 8GB model and adds a built-in 32GB Patriot XT drive, a touchscreen and updated WiFi card supporting A/B/G/N.  There's even an FM transmitter, to play audio through a car radio, and the overclocked ultraportable is running Windows XP SP3 with 2GB of RAM.

GeForce 9600 GSO – nVidia new entry-level video card

GeForce 9600 GSO – nVidia new entry-level video card

nVidia released its new entry-level GeForce 9600 GSO without any drum beating. The card features a scaled down 9600 GT GPU that runs at 550Mhz with its 384MB memory at 800Mhz – however its unified shaders are clocked at 1375Mhz.

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We7 launched, offers 500,000 DRM-free MP3s at no cost

We7 launched, offers 500,000 DRM-free MP3s at no cost

The free download service We7 is finally here, and claimed to offers 500,000 tracks of music from Sony BMG label and independent artists. These tracks are available to users for free and not protected by any kind of DRM, however it comes with pre-roll advertising that starts before the music track begins and lasts only several seconds.

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Apple refreshes iMac with faster processor and FSB

As predicted by many online publications, Apple has released its new and updated iMac. Apple upgrades its lowest end iMac with 2.4Ghz processor and with the top of the line reaches 3.06Ghz. All the CPUs are running at 1066Mhz Front-side bus and feature 6MB L2 cache.

The Solar-Energy Saving Cordless Fan

If you intend upon doing any camping this summer but can't live without a few gadgets, this solar powered fan might be just the thing to help you out. I know for many, camp sites without any power whatsoever are fun but they do need a fan an alarm clock and maybe even a charger for small gadgets.

The Space Invaders Cutting Board

Even in the kitchen gamers need ways to express their geeky selves. Beyond fridge magnets there aren't a ton of ways to do that. Well now one Etsy seller is offering this cutting board to keep you attached to the classics.

The Wiimote Cufflinks – perfect for gamer weddings

A while back I wrote up some gaming cufflinks, and geeky cufflinks are nothing new really. Now, however, there are cufflinks especially for the Wii fans.

Psystar customer demos Open Computer, but who exactly is the target audience?

Psystar's Open Computer video demo may have prompted more questions than it perhaps answered, but it did encourage one Gizmodo reader Patrick (username Whiskeyfrown) to reveal that he'd not only put down the money for a non-Apple system running OS X but had already taken delivery of it.  At the time, his comments were:

"I used this machine all day today at work without a hiccup. So far everything is working perfectly (something I can’t say about my G5 it’s replacing) Photoshop, Firefox, VMware Fusion (I know…ironic) as well as the OS itself all performed as expected" Patrick (Whiskeyfrown)

Now Patrick has produced a video of his Psystar system in action, including tracing the VGA cable from tower to monitor just to confirm it's not some under-the-table Mac doing all the hard work.

iMac refresh appearing on Retail stock systems [Updated]

[Update: They've been announced!] Rumors began last week that Apple was prepping an iMac refresh, two months after rejuvenating the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines.  Now retailers are discretely reporting new model numbers appearing on their stock systems.  The assumption is still that Apple will officially release the new desktops tomorrow, and while screen size options are expected to stay the same that hasn't stopped some SlashGear readers dreaming:

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