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Remote-controlled whiteboard hack

A remotely-controlled whiteboard is one of those hacks that seem vaguely pointless at first but, as you think about them, you start coming up with plenty of uses. Leaving messages or reminders for people at home or in other offices, perhaps, or teleworking with distant colleagues. After watching Jeroen Domburg's video of his hacked whiteboard in action - that uses a webcam and the mangled entrails of an old scanner to accomplish remote sight and local control, respectively - I've decided that my life isn't complete without one.

TG Sambo touchscreen PMP with WiFi, DAB & digital TV

TG Sambo's new PMP is noteworthy at least because it doesn't attempt to ape the iPod Touch's GUI. The Korean media player also has a larger screen - at 4.8-inches - and aside from audio and video is capable of browsing the internet via a WiFi b/g connection and watching T-DMB digital TV. Hidden underneath the "Luxurious" menus is Windows CE 5.0, churning away on an Alchemy AU1250 700MHz processor.

Samsung announces World’s Smallest color laser printer

Samsung have announced two compact color laser printers, one of which is apparently the "world's smallest" while the other trades off size to gain a flatbed scanner. The CLP-315K, the record-breaker, is 20-percent smaller than its CLP-300 predecessor and yet has "drastically" improved print quality. In numbers, that works out to 2,400 x 600 dpi maximum resolution, 16ppm black prints and 4ppm color prints, with 32MB of internal memory. All that with just 45dB noise output.

UPS workers try to make off with copies of GTA: IV

I'm sure that there are some of you that decided to forgo the lines at your favorite game stores today and decided to have your copy of Grand Theft Auto IV shipped directly to your house. Unfortunately some UPS employees would have your copy of the game to themselves.

Portal was rejected from Xbox Live

Portal is one of those games that just kind of came out of nowhere. It was included in the Orange Box and just seemed like an extra bonus game. However, once you started playing it, you realized that the game was actually compiled of pure awesome. There were only two issues that I had with the game, one was that it ended, and the other was that you could not purchase it without getting the entire Orange Box. Valve corrected this a short time later for PC gamers, however, Xbox 360 owners aren't going to be as lucky.

IdeaPad U110 on sale now

As the countdown to the Lenovo IdeaPad U110 continues, we've finally got the full spec-list and the landing page for orders. Priced at $1,899, it confirms that the ultraportable will not have an internal optical drive but will instead ship with an external, USB DVD burner. It also suggests how Lenovo themselves see the U110 differentiating from their own ThinkPad X300: the IdeaPad will be "focused to the consumer" and, at least at first, have a normal 120GB 4,200rpm PATA hard-drive compared to the X300's SSD.

Blockbuster begins selling new video games, hardware

I can't honestly remember the last time I've gone into Blockbuster looking to rent games. I do seem to recall renting a Nintendo 64 there a while back. I have purchased a used game or two from them when searching for something to watch, but again, that's been some time ago, as I don't usually think of Blockbuster when I go searching for used games. What's strange is that they are actually trying to become a good place to get new video games.

Duke Nukem Forever is real, has been shown off

I would have to say that one of the longest-running jokes in gaming has to be Duke Nukem Forever. The game has been in development since sometime in the 1850's and will be released whenever 3D Realms is good and ready. We've seen hints that the game is still being worked on and is getting somewhere near completion, but nothing solid. The guys over at ShackNews, however, have actually seen the game.

AMD blames motherboards for overheating Phenom X4 CPUs

Processor manufacturer AMD is being forced to field criticism from some users, after reports of compatibility issues between a number of their quad-core Phenom X4 chips and motherboards using a certain chipset. The company confirmed that the issue arises when the 9750 and 9850 Phenom processors, which have a Thermal Design Power (the maximum amount of power the cooling system is required to dissipate) of 125 watts, are used with motherboards based on the 780G chipset. Such boards - which AMD describes as "mainstream" - are only capable of dealing with the lower, 95 watts TDP processors, such as the 9600 and 9550.

Samsung’s HT-X810 Bluetooth-enabled Soundbar goes on sale

Samsung's HT-X810 Soundbar, which the company revealed at CES earlier this year, has now gone on sale. The unit, designed to sit underneath your TV and simulate surround-sound, musters 300 watts of output power and comes with a separate, wirelessly-connected subwoofer. A DVD player with 1080p upscaling is also hidden inside the casing, together with Bluetooth connectivity.

Airis Kira 740 ultraportable reviewed: more storage than Eee plus XP

Airis' Kira 740 ultraportable is a budget laptop very much along the lines of ASUS' Eee: the big difference between the two is that the Kira uses a 1GHz Via C7 processor and has a 40GB conventional hard-drive compared to the Eee's Intel CPU and flash storage. Other than that, it's a similar case of 7-inch 800 x 480 display, gigabit ethernet, WiFI b/g and built-in webcam. French site MobileHub have been putting the Kira - which is currently available in France and Spain - through its paces, and making the obvious comparisons to its Asustek inspiration.

DXG-569V camcorder: HD video recording for $169

It might not have the super-compact body of Sony's HDR-TG1, nor the sturdiness of Sanyo's Xacti, but DXG trounces both of them with the price of its HD camcorder.  The DXG-569V can capture 1280 x 720 video at 30 fps and shoot 5-megapixel stills, all for just $169.  It might only have a digital zoom (2x) but the 3-inch rotating LCD is nothing to be ashamed of; 32MB of onboard memory won't hold much, but that can thankfully be augmented via SD cards.

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