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The Elecom Egg Mouse released in more colors

For some a mouse is just another boring accessory and in many cases just whatever happens to come with their computer. Well this cute little Japanese mouse is meant for comfort and to fit in the palm of your hand and might sway some to give up their boring mouse.

New Guitar Hero T-Shirt from Glenz Tees

Its been a little while since a new Guitar Hero Shirt has popped up, if you haven't snagged one in a while, now you have another to add to your collection or wish list. This one has a much more hardcore look to it as opposed to just the regular guitar on your tee.

Flash game deal brings chumby tilt-controlled play

Beanbag-like internet appliance and general squishy WiFi companion chumby will soon be able to do more than alert you to the weather and bring you the latest 3G iPhone news courtesy of your RSS feeds. In a deal with Canadian games studio Albino Blacksheep, who specialise in Flash animation and gaming, chumby owners will be able to play selected titles from the studio using the touchscreen and accelerometer tilt-sensor interface. Rotating, shaking and prodding chumby will allow gamers to navigate through tunnels, chase a ball and even direct missiles.

Alienware launch m17x gaming laptop: $3k+ of Extreme performance

Alienware have released their latest gaming laptop, the m17x, and while it's no ultraportable the specs more than make up for it. Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX SLI graphics driving a 17-inch WUXGA 1920 x 1200 LCD display, a choice of Core 2 Duo and Duo Extreme processors and an optional 1TB RAID0 array are the headline grabbers. The m17x can take up to 4GB of Dual Channel DDR2 667MHz RAM, as well as up to 1GB of dedicated video memory.

Black Eee PC 900 stars in dead fish photoshoot

Of all the odd photoshoots with a new gadget, this is probably the first I've seen where a dismembered fish shares frame-time. Still, the owner of this black ASUS Eee PC 900 has done us a favor in confirming that Asustek will be making their 8.9-inch budget ultraportable with at least two of the color options its smaller sibling boasts. Until now, the company has only been showing white versions of the notebook.

Microsoft COFEE security key sucks criminal data from locked-down PCs

Microsoft has revealed that, since June 2007, multiple law enforcement agencies have been using a forensic device it has developed that can bypass security on a Windows-powered machine and extract data for use in criminal investigations.  Called COFEE - Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor - the gadget is apparently a USB thumb-drive onto which Microsoft have loaded 150 'commands' that can, among other things, decrypt passwords, display internet activity, and uncover all data stored on the computer.  Most importantly, it can do this on-site, rather than an investigator needing to remove a machine during a search or raid and send it to a lab for analysis.

Digitalcube i-station UDIC hands-on

Digitalcube's i-station UDIC may look like a mini-convertible UMPC, but in actual fact it's an electronic dictionary.  Still, that doesn't really do the handheld device justice: it's a dictionary with 50 languages, as well as text-to-speech, "native speakers" pronunciation guides and the i-TRANS translating service.  Available in two versions, both have hard-drives: one 30GB, the other 60GB.  AVING have been playing with the i-station recently and have made a video of the device in action; check it out after the cut.

Numark TTi USB turntable records direct to iPod

Numark have released their latest turntable, the TTi, which can not only play your vinyl but record it directly to either a docked iPod or any USB-connected PC or Mac.  The docking station is compatible with the 5th-gen iPod video, iPod Classic and 2nd-gen nano, which seems a bit short-sighted, but even if your iPod is a different version you can still create digital copies of your records via the included EZ Vinyl Converter and Audacity software.  No drivers are needed, which I presume means it shows up as a generic external soundcard.

Those with nickel allergies could get a rash from cellphones

If you've ever felt a bit itchy after messing with your cellphone or iPod for a while, you might have to face facts that you're a bit allergic to technology. I have a slight nickel allergy, but luckily my ears and hands can handle it. Whereas my neck and wrists will break out in a rash over almost nothing. Well apparently those with a nickel allergy are the ones that need to worry.

The Overall Health Balance Scale gives a more complex analysis of your weight

At some point scales just become way too complicated and give entirely too much information. I mean really, I am well aware that I am scrawny yet out of shape. I don't need a machine to tell me exactly how much fat I have down to the last millimeter (yes it actually does that).

The Idea of a Clock II says too much

First I write up an entirely too complicated scale and now there is the way too wordy clock. Frankly I like to glance at the clock and know the time. Of course I say that and I own a pretty clock that I have to stare at for a few minutes before I can see where the hands are pointed.

Electricity-measuring surge protector

Could this be the most complicated power strip yet? The snappily-titled Power Cost Controller Power Strip is intended to not only replace your current surge protector but also replace your energy-squandering ways thanks to a big dose of electric-reality. Consumption and cost are both displayed on the LCD display, measured in kilowatt-hours so you can directly compare with your energy provider's prices.

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