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Acer Aspire 5920 with WiMAX to be subsidised by Sprint

Laptop manufacturer Acer has been demonstrating its latest notebook, which comes complete with WiMAX connectivity.  The Aspire 5920 already exists as a non-WWAN version, but this will be the first laptop Acer has produced that features integrated cellular broadband using the so-called 4G technology.  According to InfoWorld carriers such as Sprint - whose WiMAX network has been delayed - will sell the 5920 using a similar subscription model to their cellphones. 

Homemade A/V & automation rack wins DIYer a Prius

Keen A/V addict Simon Smith set out to save money by building his own component rack from scratch. However, as the install continued - complete with multiple audio zones, MythTV-powered PVR and even a fire suppression system - his hobby won him a new set of wheels. Courtesy of Intel and the ZDNet Homebrew Challenge, a brand new Toyota Prius hybrid is sitting outside Simon's house.

The car - worth around £20k in the UK - is almost as gadget packed as Simon's house, and of course is the ideal excuse for him to keep buying A/V kit. Next up is active ventilation and some improved lighting. If you're interested in home automation or distributed media then it's worth checking out his build log.

Clari-Fi Review – for the betterment of your audio experience

So, I’ve had the Clari-Fi for almost two weeks, I know it’s only been a couple of days since I posted about it, but I wanted to get a feel for whether it was working or not before I said anything. Bottom line, it is working. It is also worth the extra dough.

Twist & Squeeze interface tested by Microsoft Research

A team at Microsoft Research have developed a prototype interface [pdf link] for mobile devices that responds to twisting, squeezing, flexing and stretching to control and on-screen GUI. The system, called Force Sensing, relies on very small manipulations of a handheld device - in this case a modified Samsung UMPC - with different gestures mapped to navigation and other controls. Visual feedback, such as interfaces twisting or bending, apparently decreases the learning time necessary for users to adapt to the new controls.

UT3 to feature split-screen on the 360, but not on PS3

When games are released on both the Xbox 360 and PS3, there's always the question of which version will be better. It usually comes down to two different categories: graphics and extra features. In the case of Unreal Tournament 3, Mark Rein from Epic recently talked about their work on the Xbox 360 version, and he makes it sound like it will be better on both counts.

Metal Gear Solid 4 doesn’t live up to Kojima’s expectations

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes that's my job. I'm sure that plenty of you have been waiting around for Metal Gear Solid 4, however, if you're anything like Hideo Kojima (creator of Metal Gear) you're going to be disappointed.
Don't worry, the gameplay is still supposed to be as awesome as you'd expect. Unfortunately Kojima is disappointed with the way the graphics turned out. Apparently the PS3 isn't quite the awesome gaming machine that he hoped it would be.

When we first showed the game engine at TGS, the staff were really proud and happy. PS3 was a dream machine, y'know, and we were going to work on this and that - and we had so many ideas. But when we actually started developing the game, we realized there were a lot of restrictions and so it turned out how you see it today. The original vision was to go ten steps further, the reality was just one step, which isn't to say we didn't progress.

7-inch screen for your PS3

Remember that cool 7-inch screen that I showed you last week for the Wii? Well, for those with a PS3 that are jealous, don't worry, you'll be able to take your beloved console on the road with your own portable screen.

Mass Effect PC to include Bring Down The Sky DLC for free

Have you ever paid for something, only to see someone else get it for free a little bit later? Well, if you purchased the Bring Down The Sky DLC for Mass Effect, then you'll know exactly how it feels to see others getting it for free.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – Judas Priest is Screaming For Vengeance

Rock Band has been out for a while now, and Harmonix has been true to their word about providing fresh DLC on a weekly basis. This has given us fresh new music to rock to, and thus keeps the gameplay fresh and fun. What we haven't seen is a full album released. Again, Harmonix is good on their word, and will be releasing their first full album tomorrow.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe announced for Fall 2008

Picture this: take a major fighting game franchise and team them up with a major comic book universe. Just think of it, the possibilities are endless. You could take some of the most bad-ass superheroes (and perhaps villains) from the comic book universe and pit them against your favorite video game fighters. Man, that would be so awesome. Wait, what year is it?

Okami Wii cover features IGN watermark

If you've ever created a unique image that you wanted to be displayed on the internet, I'm sure you know what a watermark is for. While there are plenty of uses for watermarks, one important one is to make sure that no one else tries to take your work and claim it as their own. If they do try to claim ownership of the original artwork, they are made into complete fools by the presence of said watermark. That being said, Capcom has officially made fools out of themselves with the Wii port of Okami.

The Green Machine H2O for drive by dousing

As a kid I was always tagging along with my slightly younger brother. That typically meant that I didn't play with Barbies much, I had a big wheel and massive squirt guns as well as a few toy cars and some Ninja Turtles action figures. The best was always the squirt guns, although eventually it ended with one of us just making a break for it and grabbing the hose.