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Addonics hot-swap 2.5-inch Double Drive caddy

Whereas in the past 2.5-inch drives were the low-speed, low-capacity lesser siblings of the 3.5-inch desktop HDD, recent advances have meant that the latest compact units - such as Western Digital's VelociRaptor VR150 - can fight on pretty equal ground when it comes to performance.  In fact, the smaller platter size can make for faster read/write access, and 2.5-inchers tend to be more frugal with power, too.  So it makes sense, if you're looking to outfit a new server or backup machine, to consider 2.5-inch drives, and Addonics have just the hot-swappable caddy to let you do that.

Samsung AMOLED displays to be economically feasible in 2009

Samsung has reiterated its commitment to AMOLED display technology, claiming the panels will reach an economy of scale in terms of production sometime during 2009.  According to Woo-Jong Lee, who is VP of Samsung SDI's mobile display marketing team, medium and large scale applications will become increasingly relevant for the technology, as production ramps up and cost-per-unit becomes more realistic.  In fact production costs are currently the primary issue with AMOLED manufacture; Samsung SDI has a current capacity of 1.5m a year.

Intel slash 65nm chip prices

Chip manufacturer Intel are having a yard sale of sorts, clearing out 65nm stock as it transitions its range to the more efficient 45nm chips.  The company has cut the price [pdf link] of around twelve processors, most of which are 65nm, with the biggest cut being a half-price reduction on the Q6700 Core 2 Quad and the Xeon X3230.  Analysts are suggesting that the sweeping sale is just as much about keeping pressure on rival AMD as it is gaining warehouse space.

Sony launch mid-range BrightEra 3 projectors

Sony have announced a new range of projectors intended to bring the company's BrightEra 3 LCD technology down to a more affordable price point.  The three models - the VPL-EW5, EX50 and EX5 - are primarily aimed at business applications, although the VPL-EW5 is also being positioned as suitable for home cinema since it is 1,280 x 800 WXGA resolution.  BrightEra 3 has previously been available in Sony's installation projectors, and boasts high picture quality and brightness together with AV-light resistance.

MeLE GMT-600 GPS-equipped widescreen PMP

China-based MeLE have announced their latest hard-drive toting PMP, the GMT-600. Carrying 160GB of storage courtesy of a 2.5-inch HDD, the media player also has a three-in-one SD, MMC and MS slot and GPS. Video is courtesy of the 4.3-inch widescreen 480 x 272 LCD, and it is believed to have component HD outputs capable of upscaling to 720p/1080i.

Uwe Boll attempts to acquire rights to create a World of Warcraft movie

I have always enjoyed gaming movies, I am one that is extremely easy to please when it comes to them too. I even enjoyed the latest Resident Evil that Scott here at Slashgear will start ranting about if you ever bring it up. Now, that being said, I never ever want to see the likes of Uwe Boll snagging the rights to create a World of Warcraft movie, frankly I think I'd go on a gaming strike. Thankfully Blizzard is smart enough to recognize Uwe Boll's lack of talent and turn him down flat.

Advanced BluRay features of limited consumer appeal, claims study

In the clamour to encourage us all to upgrade to high-definition BluRay players, manufacturers and disc producers themselves are touting the extra functionality above and beyond improved picture quality. Interactive web-connected games, messaging and "behind the scenes" extras all promise to enhance the movie experience. However, recent research suggest that, far from being a central factor driving upgraditis, all these extras - particularly those depending on web-based interaction - may actually have no effect on consumer appeal.

Goodmans iPod Dock with a 7” LCD Display

Docks for the iPod aren't always all that exciting. They have good sound quality, sure, but beyond that its just another set of speakers for most people. This Goodmans dock has a slight alteration from the norm offering a 7” LCD display.

Fujitsu LOOX R 12-inch ultraportable updated

When Fujitsu announced its LOOX R notebook last December it was the first model we'd seen with Intel's Penryn chipset. Of course, last year's laptops are old news now, and so the company has updated the range with an Intel Core 2 Duo SL7100 processor running at 1.2GHz. It still has a 12.1-inch LCD display, but Fujitsu have switched to LED backlighting for better clarity and improved battery life.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles announced for September

Grand Theft Auto IV might be one of the biggest gaming launches of the year, however, developer Rockstar Games has up its sleeve. They have just announced the launch date for Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

Capcom’s site shows a disfigured Chun-Li hand

I've always been a fan of Japanese artwork, especially their anime style. I can't really say why, but I enjoy the style more than even our Western comic book style. One thing that does tend to bother me is that they have a tendency to make some body parts disproportionate to the rest. Usually this means either big knockers or big heads. However, this has to be the first time I've seen the hands get so far out of whack.

Rumor – Sony to announce digital video downloads for PS3 at E3

Spring is here, and that means E3 is only a few months away (for those of you counting at home, it's 3 months). This of course means that we're going to start hearing tons of rumors about potential announcements at the show. One of which is a digital video download service for the PS3.