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Averatec Voya ruggedized notebooks invite rough treatment

US-based computing company Averatec have announced two new semi-ruggedized notebooks, promising greater resilience to the knocks and scraps a working laptop often suffers. Fitting into the Voya series, the new additions consist of the 4473, which has a 14.1-inch 4:3 aspect display, and the 6494, which has a 15.4-inch widescreen display. While neither is meant to survive, say, a hod full of bricks landing on them, they're drop and vibration resistant, while the keyboard and trackpad are spill-resistant.

Dell’s Bamboo Eco Computer

I have come across the occasional bamboo device, keyboards and mice are what I've seen the most. Dell has decided to create a eco-friendly computer one that stands out quite a bit from the crowd. Not only does it feature a bamboo shell, it is filled with recycled materials like old bottles and milk jugs.

The Gaming Guitar Stand – for when you’re not rocking out

Anyone who has gotten addicted from the very first Guitar Hero game has likely gone on to buy the 2nd the 3rd and then if you had the cash, Rock Band too. Many of us have found our own solutions to storing the massive amount of controllers that come with all of the games. For some that means just leaning them against the wall or having one or two strewn about the floor yet some of us are making a bit of an attempt to appear like full grown adults and try to hide store them in a slightly more attractive way.

Mario sends New Yorkers racing through town with free cab rides

If you happen to be in New York this Thursday and in need of a cab, you might keep your eye out for your favorite video game plumber. Yes, Mario will be hailing cabs for anyone that is in need of a lift to promote Mario Kart Wii.

Age of Conan gets official pricing

If you've been itching for a game set in the Conan universe, then you no doubt are excited about Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. We've been hearing about the game for some time, and with the release date coming up soon, we're happy to hear that Funcom has decided to announce the official pricing for both North America and Europe.

Nintendo offers free access to Nintendo Fan Network to Mariners fans

If you've taken your Nintendo DS to a Seattle Mariners game lately, you will have no doubt noticed that you are treated to the Nintendo Fan Network. Of course by treated I mean “given the opportunity to pay for the service.” Well the next time you go, you'll be happy to see that you no longer have to pay for the service.

Earthworm Jim makes a comeback

Do you remember a little game from back in the day called Earthworm Jim? If you were a gamer back in the mid-90's, there's a good chance that played it, or at least heard of it. Well the creator, Doug TenNapel has decided to resurrect the character for a fourth installment in the series.

If you don't remember the game, you took the role of an ordinary earthworm who through a series of strange events ends up with an "Ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit" and fought against such memorable enemies as Major Mucus and Bob the Killer Goldfish. This of course was from a time when games didn't really have to make sense, but they were still a blast to play.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon turns you into one of 16 Pokemon

I will admit that I have, upon occasion played a Pokemon game or two. Never the card game, mind you, as during that craze I still held true to my Magic: The Gathering roots.  I will admit that the video games are fun, but I know when there are games that I should stay away from. Namely the ones where I end up feeling compelled to spend countless hours “catching them all,” because I'll do just that. There are a couple of new Pokemon games hitting stores this week that take a different approach to the franchise.

Everex gPC Mini Unboxing

Eight years ago, I was in love with Linux and I fell for it even more when I found Debian Linux. I dreamt about Linux being sold to the average Joe years ago, and today many companies do just that. I applaud Everex for taking a step to bring Linux-based computing to the masses.

unboxing video after the jump

3K launch $399 Eee-rival ultraportable

Does the world need another ultraportable?  3K Computers certainly think so; the OEM manufacturer has unveiled their Longitude 400, a sub-2lb mini-PC in the same style as the original Eee.  With a 7-inch display, "full sized" keyboard and Linux OS, it's tricky to find much to differentiate this $399 notebook from its rivals.

Canon PIXMA iP100 super-flat portable printer

Canon have announced an update to their PIXMA range of portable inkjet printers.  The PIXMA iP100 is a refreshed version of the now-venerable iP90v, increasing both print speed and resolution, while still offering the ability to run from a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack promising around 290 pages per full charge.  Measuring just 12.7 x 2.4 x 7.2-inches and weighing in at 4.4lbs, Canon are positioning the iP100 as ideal for road-warriors and those unwilling to wait to their end of their vacation to print off their holiday snaps.

Honda demo Walking Assist exoskeleton for elderly & disabled

We've seen exoskeleton suits designed to grant their wearers super-human strength, but they tend to look somewhat obvious.  Fine if you're an attention-seeking superhero, but less of a selling point if you're an elderly person with mobility problems.  Honda have thankfully come to the rescue, though, with their 'Walking Assist Device'; worn as a straightforward belt with thigh straps, the 2.8kg unit promises to lengthen a user's natural stride by supplementing their own muscle power.