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Panasonic ToughBook 19 boosted – Now with Core 2 Duo, More RAM and Storage

Panasonic ToughBook 19 boosted – Now with Core 2 Duo, More RAM and Storage

The first revision of Panasonic ToughBook 19 rugged tablet PC uses Core Duo processor (U2400) that runs at 1.06Ghz. Panasonic has given the ToughBook 19 upgrades and now Core 2 Duo (U7500) powers it. Although the new CPU still runs at 1.06Ghz, it has a newer architecture that made the system more energy efficient and faster.

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NTT DoCoMo plans on removing high-end functionality of its Mobile OS to accomodate international market

NTT DoCoMo plans on removing high-end functionality of its Mobile OS to accomodate international market

Sometimes less is more. NTT DoCoMo decided to strip down its mobile OS to allow manufacturers to develop in conjunction to international market needs. Many phone manufacturers such as Mitsubishi has pulled out from Japanese market due to over crowded players – and to focus on international market instead. By doing this, NTT DoCoMo allows manufacturers to export low cost handsets to exploding market such as China and Thailand. Many analysts see this trend will be followed by NTT DoCoMo’s competitors.

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Mio Moov – Mio’s latest advancement of the navigational market

Mio makes some pretty amazing navigation products but the Mio Moov devices have so much new going for them. First off they have the first all Mio developed UI and nav software installed.

Toshiba 128GB SSD drives could be first step in lowering SSD prices

Toshiba has a new SSD drive that offers up 100MB/second read and 40MB/second write speeds and 128GB of storage capacity. The drive offers up nearly the speed of SLC, but with the storage capacity and technology of MLC.

LG Flatron LX206WU monitors connect via USB

These new 20.1-inch LCD monitors have a 5000:1 contrast resolution and a 2ms response time. The best part is that you don’t need a new or even good graphics card to push these monitors, just a spare USB port.

Dell leaking like a sieve – new laptops abound

First we get the leak of the Dell Latitude XT2 tablet which will be available this fall. Then today we have rumor of a new semi-rugged notebook from Dell as well as an entire line replacement in the business sector.

Mitsubishi DVR-BZ100 and DVR-BZ200 Blu-Ray Recorders unveiled – feature packed

Sure, they play and record on Blu-Ray discs, and that’s cool, but that’s nothing compared to the touch-screen remotes that they come with. Both units also have internal hard drives built in.

Cybernet ZPC computer-in-a-keyboard computer design gets some hardware upgrades

These things aren’t exactly new hack, but last time I read about them they had mediocre hardware inside. Now they are pushing quad-core processors, X3100 graphics, 4GB of RAM, and slim-line optical drives.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 busts – House Wins!

Apparently the PS3 version of the game is a bit buggy when it comes to multiplayer. It started with the fact that a large majority of game owners can’t even connect to the game servers to start a multiplayer online match.

T-Mobile BlackBerry 8820 has GPS, WiFi, and HotSpot@Home – sounds like a heck of a device

This is a pretty solid corporate level device. It has PUSH email, a QWERTY keyboard, WiFi, GPS, a MicroSD Card Slot, and you can save some minutes by using the WiFi networks at your school, work, and/or home.

However, you get stuck with GPRS/EDGE for data when you aren’t near a WiFi network, which is more than sufficient for the integrated mail app, but internet surfing is likely to be abysmal. I must concur with Mr. Davies on this one, it is very nice to finally see a new BlackBerry that isn’t a Pearl and doesn’t have the words “Pearl” or “Curve” or “World Edition” in the title, I like it when already amazing devices return back to the basics.

MIU HDPC – tries for James Bond, hits somewhere around The Tick

Hardware wise this thing is amazing featuring a VIA C7M ULV CPU running at 1GHz, 4GB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and your choice of a 60GB HDD or a 4GB SSD. Where it starts to fail is in respect to design, I guess what I’m trying to say here is that it’s ugly.

Android PC Case Mod – I think this whole thing may have gone a wee bit too far

So some guy (Read: Eric Burke) decided to build a case/computer in dedication to the Open Handset Alliances’ new development platform known as Android. The logo for the platform is some Clip Art quality green robot and this PC essentially looks like the head of said robot.