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Windows Mobile 6.1 coming for you on April Fools Day

Do you remember that semi-formal roadmap we saw not too long ago that pretty much stated that Microsoft had seen the error of their mobile ways and with 6.1 they were going to fix a lot of things and make a move towards higher useability? Well I don’t know if that’s come true or not, but word is that we’ll find out on April 1st.

Supposedly April 1st is the release date for the new version of Windows Mobile which is rumored to include a newer, better, web browser that allows for zoom and scrolling with ease. It also will offer up a more Vista-like UI, copy/paste from IE, new fonts, a task manage more similar to its desktop siblings, WiFi indicator, and auto-configure in ActiveSync for your email.

Onda VX767 4.3-inch PMP – like iPod Touch, but with microSD

This player has a 4.3-inch, 16:9, 480x272 resolution screen on it. It has a 400MHz processor, and some pretty amazing other features.

Intel introduces two new low-voltage Quad-Core Xeon – L5420 and L5410

Intel introduces two new low-voltage Quad-Core Xeon – L5420 and L5410

Intel has cuts more watts on its new server and workstation CPUs by introducing several L5400 Quad-Core series chips. The L5420 and L5410 run at 2.50 GHz and 2.33 GHz, respectively with 1333MHz FSB - Both chips features 12MB of cache.

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The Chinese Government Unblocked BBC News Site? All stories are accessible

The Chinese Government Unblocked BBC News Site? All stories are accessible

Information superhighway is just not the same when censorship comes to play; China has been blocking many websites in order to “shield” its people from being exposed to the outspoken world.

China has been nicknamed “The Great Firewall of China” for frequently controlling the Internet content availability to its people, that includes entries on BBC News website.

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UK girls create disappearing nail polish

Anyone who grew up in a school with uniforms and harsh restrictions might find this product intriguing. I myself went to catholic school until Jr. High, luckily I escaped the evil nuns after that or I'd have spent my teen years in gray plaid skirts. Which anyone that knows me these days knows that me in that little color is not going to happen. I'd have spent my days in detention, pushing the rules. However, a few girls in the UK decided to be smart about their pushing of the rules.

Nihon Uni releases a stab-proof T-shirt

Anyone who read or watched The Lord of the Rings might have found themselves envious of Frodo's Mithril shirt that successfully protected him from a stab wound, might be excited to know they could be able to snag the real life version. Yet another example of science catching up with fantasy, the company Nihon Uni has created a shirt that will protect against stab wounds.

The Chain Mail Guitar Hero Strap

Almost all Guitar Hero or Rock Band fans typically likes to customize and make their plastic guitars their own. Be it with a guitar strap or an entire sheet of stickers and occasionally one of the custom made guitars that most of us just have drool over in pictures posted on the net. If you like the guitar strap route, nothing says hardcore rocker like chain mail.

Although this strap might not fit as well when you're doing a bit of the classic rock, it'd fit in perfect with a bit of metal. The down side is for those that like to play with groups of friends and typically pass their guitar around, the strap isn't adjustable. You have to tell the maker the measurements you prefer and he'll make it to your specification.

It is made from 16 gauge Aluminum rings, which apparently doesn't tarnish. If you would like you can get a slightly more personalized strap and have a specific color of rings put on. The strap is currently being sold for $33

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Rock Band Coming to the Wii June 22nd

Rock Band has been one one of those games that has dominated more of my free time since launch than I care to talk about. Unfortunately for some, the game has been available on only the Xbox 360 and PS3. However, Harmonix has announced that the game will officially be available on the Wii in just a few short months.

PS3 firmware v2.20 is live

Remember that new firmware update for the PS3 that we told you about the other day? Well wait no more, as it has arrived!

Wii Fit Priced at $90

Have you been dying to get your hands, err..feet on the Wii Fit? I'm still unsure of just how much I would enjoy such a thing, but I'm more than willing to give it a shot. While we've still got nearly two months before launch, we have finally unearthed the asking price.

Fallout 3 will feature over 200 possible endings

When you play a game, you expect there to be one ending. (No, throwing your controller through the TV in frustration does not count as an ending). Sure, some games do give you a chance to experience different endings based on the choices you make throughout the game. However, even in these games you're limited to a few at best. Not Fallout 3 though, it's got more ways to finish than you can shake a stick at.

According to a recent podcast with Bethesda's Todd Howard, there are more than 200 possible endings. No, that's not a typo, there really are two zeros on that number.

NetBook officially gets a name, 2go PC – Specs unveiled

The rumored Intel Netbook has been knighted as 2go PC. According to Engadget, the unit is manufactured by CTL (Computer Technology Link) and aimed towards education market.