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Asustek pushing out new touch-screen Eee PC’s soon

Word is that Asus’s new Eee’s might have touchscreens, GPS, and possibly even 3G along with their enlarged 8.9” screens. Even better yet they could be shipping as soon as May or June.

Argosy Raven H10 – audio studio workstation in a box

Sadly, after reading the description, I don’t believe you get all the gear that is set up on this thing, but you get the odd shaped desk, the monitor stand, the chair, and probably the two audio component boxes, but that seems to be about it. Now, if you work in the audio industry this is great news to you I am sure as I’ve seen some pictures of some audio studios and not only are they quite unattractive, but they also don’t generally look too terribly comfortable.

Trakonya Mutator – dumbest gaming peripheral ever

This gadget attaches to you and your computer and when you are playing the Unreal series if you get hit it will shock you. No, no I will not review it, look at it, think about it, I hate being shocked more than any other sensation I’ve ever had.

Currently it only works with the Unreal series, but they are apparently working on an engine to work with the Half Life series. So, if you are feeling especially dumb, or if you feel you need a more realistic incentive not to die in game, this is for you.

Sanyo PLC-XW60 – Industry’s Smallest and Lightest XGA LCD Projector

This projector has an XGA LCD inside, a new, smaller bulb and a nice light and compact size. Its 10.4x2.17x7.4 inches in size and weighs a mere 3.6 pounds, meaning your laptop likely outweighs this projector.

Sprint whoring out its Xohm WiMAX network to anyone with some spare change

First they let Clearwire have a piece of this venture for some money, then they let Google by their way into the deal, next up they are letting TV service providers in. Comcast, Time Warner, and even Bright House Networks will be buying into the nationwide WiMAX network.

Cradlepoint WiPipe PHS300 Personal Hotspot – make your own WiFi hotspot

Ever been in the middle of nowhere wishing you and your friends could share a single cellular-based internet connection across multiple devices? Yeah me neither, but if such an issue were to ever come up, this little gadget will allow you to do it.

BlackLine GPS Blip – Buddy Beacon for your GPS-enabled BlackBerry

BlackLine, the makers of the Snitch that I told you about not too long ago, are releasing a new product. It works on your GPS-enabled BlackBerries and allows you to let friends, family, and/or employers know where you are.

NTT DoCoMo Super 3G (LTE) recorded 250Mbps downlink speed

NTT DoCoMo Super 3G (LTE) recorded 250Mbps downlink speed

We are astonished by the DSL/Cable like speed of HSDPA which gives 7.2Mbps downlink speed here in US (not even on US wide) but sadly to say, other countries have better wireless broadband enhancement than we do.

NTT DoCoMo is running a trial run of its Super 3G in Yokosuka Japan since February. The Super 3G or LTE (Long Term Evolution) recorded 250Mbps downlink and in theory could reach up to 300Mbps downlink and 75Mbps uplink.

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Super Talent FSD56GC25H – World’s Thinnest 256GB SSD

Super Talent, one of player in SSD market introduced their newest SSD, the FSD56GC25H. It’s a 2.5-inch SSD using SATA-I interface and measuring only 12.5mm thick which is around 40-percent thinner than other 256GB SSD in the market making it the thinnest SSD in that capacity.

The Quicktionary 2 Kanji Reader translates for you

A great many of us have attempted to learn or actually succeeded in learning a foreign language and know the woes that go along with the learning process. Now there are those few people that pick up a new language with no problem, but for the rest of us any form of a cheat sheet might be nice. This Quicktionary 2 Kanji Reader helps when you just can't translate a word or sentence or two of text.

The Factron Quattro Aluminum Case for the iPod Nano

If your still looking for the perfect case to stylishly protect your new iPod Nano this one definitely stands out from the rest. It doesn't have any off the wall artwork or the disgustingly bright colors, but the new shape is so incredibly interesting that I feel compelled to buy myself one and then of course snag a Nano as well.

The Blossom Pendant Lamp

If you have a thing for pretty pendant lamps and can't wait another minute for spring to come, this lamp kills two worms with one bird, that or two stones with one bird. I'm not sure which, I never was that great at throwing around deep and meaningful quotes. This flower lamp not only features a bright and cheerful design, it offers a bit of creative customization as well.

The petals on the flower are bendable, so you can place the flower in any position you like. It also features a low voltage energy saving bulb, making it slightly more eco-responsible. Frankly, if I could afford it I'd add several of these during the dreaded winter months to cheer me up when it's so dreary outside.

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