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Obviously this one wasn’t thought through: Apple Safari Edition

Remember how Apple snuck a Safari install on many unsuspecting Windows users through the iTunes update last week? Which then caused major uproar and outrage all over the blogosphere? Well it turns out that by doing so, Apple unwittingly made every Windows Safari convert violate Apple's own licensing agreement.

HP 2133 UMPC specs unveiled – I still want one

You know how sometimes something gets hyped up so much, and then by the time it actually gets released/announced/goes on sale it kind of sucks? Well I still want one of these new HP UMPCs even though I now know the specs, starting with the VIA processors and graphics chipsets.

The ASUS Eee 900 to have multi-finger gesture support

The ASUS Eee 900 to have multi-finger gesture support

As if the ASUS Eee wasn't already the darling of the geek set for its tasty combination of small size, decent performance and excellent price, a 9" second generation system is coming, which adds an interesting new twist.

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Dash Express Reviewed

If you don’t remember the Dash, it’s the new GPS unit that was co-developed with OpenMoko, and actually utilizes the OpenMoko Platform. It has WiFi and GPRS built in that allow it to do all sorts of cool things including search Yahoo on the fly for points of interest or upload, wirelessly, addresses, POIs, or even geological RSS feed, KML lists, things of that nature.

More information on Microsoft’s Live crackdown

Since I heard that Microsoft was cracking down on Xbox Live cheaters I've had mixed feelings. Don't get me wrong, cheaters are a plague on the gaming world and should be taught harsh lessons. I fully support what Microsoft is doing to them, however, it's the no-appeal aspect that has me worried. Fortunately we have a little more information on the subject today.

For those worried that they may get unjustly labeled as a cheater, hit the jump for the official word from Microsoft.

No DLC for Rock Band Wii

I've been pretty excited to hear that Rock Band is finally headed to the Wii. Since I picked up my Wii earlier in the month, I've barely felt the need to turn on my 360. However, I have been concerned about the Wii's ability to handle the kind of DLC that makes Rock Band so great. Harmonix has stepped up and let us know exactly what is going on in regards to this.

PlayStation Network may have been hacked

For those of you that are PS3 users, have you had any issues signing into your PlayStation Network account lately? If so, you may have fallen victim to a recent infiltration of Sony's network.

Sony has issued a statement regarding a vulnerability in the PlayStation Network which may have allowed hackers to gain “unauthorized access” to passwords and personal info of its users. While Sony can't confirm that this has actually happened, they have chosen to alert users to the possibility.

Microsoft reports DRM issues with 360 DLC are getting resolved

We've all heard horror stories about the Xbox 360's RRoD. Hopefully you've never had to experience this issue yourself, but if you have, you may have had bigger issues than just trying to get it fixed. In fact, Microsoft has made it much easier to get your 360 repaired, however, if your console gets replaced with a brand new one, you may have found it difficult to play downloaded content.

SlashDeal: Woot Off!

They’ve done it again. Woot has initiated another Woot Off. For those of you not in the know, a Woot Off is where they sell the same stuff they’ve sold before, mixed in with some new stuff, at some even lower prices than before.

DS-400GB Review Mirror is nearly K.I.T.T.

Sure it takes up some of your review mirrors real estate with its LCD screen, but it offers up so much in return. Namely GPS, Bluetooth, and it can even work with your backup camera if you have one.

Netflix is sorry – here’s your 5% credit

For those of you that use Netflix you may have noticed that you movies didn’t go out quite as fast as they should have Monday. Well, Netflix would like to say they are sorry by giving you 5% credit to your account and shipping out your movies a day late, but not a dollar short.

Intel’s Netbook goes bye bye – now called SmartBook

Actually Intel is referring to the whole line of these notebooks as Netbooks, so technically it’s not totally gone. But, the notebook isn’t actually being manufactured by Intel so they are letting all the manufacturers of this platform of notebooks choose their own name for theirs.

Right now there is a manufacturer in Malaysia, they are calling theirs the SmartBook. There will be two different models, both with Intel Celeron processors, a half gig of RAM, and b/g WIFI.

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