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Microsoft doesn’t mind seeing Master Chief on the PS3

You have to love the ability to mod games. With so many people in the world playing and modding titles, people will come up with the coolest stuff sometimes. How else would Master Chief end up on a PS3?

Rumor – Rock Band priced and dated for Europe

I have been saying for some time that I feel for the gamers on the other side of the pond. I am of course referring to those in Europe who, in this case, have yet to even find out a release date for one of my favorite games, Rock Band. Thanks to a listing on a French site, we may finally have a better idea of when the game will hit store shelves in that part of the world.

According to French retailer, you can expect to get your European hands on the game starting May 22 of this year. This is far better than the feared “Fall 2008” rumor that we heard a while back.

SlashGear Gears Up for CTIA Wireless 2008 Coverage

SlashGear Gears Up for CTIA Wireless 2008 Coverage

SlashGear and its sister site Phone Mag are getting ready to hit Vegas strip to bring you CTIA Wireless 2008 coverage. No, we did not bring piles of greens to gamble away, but we will bet you this – We will bring you one of the best CTIA Wireless coverage around the web. So bookmark our CTIA 2008 coverage tag. While the show starts on the 1st of April, Our coverage will starts on the 31st of March with pre-show.

True GPS finally available for the Sprint Mogul

True GPS finally available for the Sprint Mogul

I was one of the first people to buy a Sprint Branded HTC Mogul, and one of the things that made it so attractive at the time was the promise of a free Rev. A upgrade and true day. Well it looks as if the day recently came for those still using their Moguls, and although I am no longer one of them, all that's left is to hear how well it really works.

Joel at has written about the experience of upgrading his Mogul to EV-DO Rev.A, which he said brought a "a much needed speed increase for both download and upload."

The other benefit was, as the Sprint press release put it, the enabling of "advanced GPS functionality allowing support of popular applications such as Sprint Navigation. Sprint Navigation provides audio and visual turn-by-turn directions, more than 10 million local listings, and one-click traffic rerouting on compatible phones, similar to an in-vehicle GPS system."

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Medusa HDMI Splitter – one input, multiple outputs, it’s a great thing

This splitter would allow you to easily display the same thing across up to 3 different devices. That means you could have an output from your HD receiver going to your DVR, TV, and Audio Receiver without having to try and connect all three in some convenient way with only one source.

Comcast might stop filtering BitTorrent Traffic – it’s about time

In a somewhat surprising move, Comcast is considering not treating all BitTorrent traffic like its criminal in nature. In fact, there are even talks of Comcast working a deal with BitTorrent to start using BitTorrent in its own networks.

They are going to start re-working their network management tools so that they treat all network traffic equally instead of discriminating against BitTorrent or other P2P traffic. The reason? Well you might be surprised to hear this, but there are increasing number of uses for BitTorrent and other P2P networks that is completely legal.

Archos e-comp@gnon WiFi Communicator – someone got Champagne and Companion mixed up

The press release is in French, so I suppose I could give them a break on the spelling. The deal is they are trying to create a companion to a regular cell phone. It would offer up a lot of the web capabilities of a normal cell phone, but on a larger screen, over WiFi, and with a full keyboard.

Apple has supposedly ordered another 10 million iPhones – I want mine delivered now

According to an analyst at Gartner, Apple has ordered a second batch of 10 million 3G iPhones to be delivered. That’s a total of 10 million regular iPhones and 10 million 3G iPhones that Apple is apparently hoping to sell by the end of this year.

iPod Touch getting a permanent price drop?

Rumors are going around, and ads in Apple’s Dutch iTunes store are sort of confirming, there might be an iPod Touch Price drop coming soon. On the Dutch iTunes ad the price drop was roughly 80 Euro, which is about $120, would you buy a new Touch if they cost $120 less?

Emergency Lightsabers – Break Glass In Case of Sith

Spike TV is going to be airing the entire series of Star Wars movies one after another on April 4th. In an effort to advertise this movie showing they put up at least one of these ads at a bus stop shelter thing in New York.

DVICO TViX HD M-6500A – long name, similarly long format support list

This is a multimedia player, but not the portable kind that you might take with you. Instead it attached to the rest of your home theater via its updates HDMI 1.3a connection and gigabit Ethernet.

OLPC – the newest target of overclocking

I thought for sure this guide was going to involve DIP switches when I read that this computer only has a 433MHz processor. But it didn’t, its all software, or more precisely, firmware based.

The requirements are quite low too, you must have an OLPC, you must have a developer key or have disabled security prior to this hack, and you must be perfectly OK with bricking your OLPC if you screw up. The upside is that there is at least one report of someone overclocking their OLPC to 566/233 without having any issues such as system instability or overheating.

[Photo Credit: Aaron]

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