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Control4 HC-500 Controller – Affordable Linux-Based Home Automation

Nowadays, Linux has been used for so many gadgets and computing appliances - some of those who use them does not even know Linux powers it. While Linux is not the bona-fide desktop OS in term of market share, it is a very powerful operating system that many average Joe still afraid of giving it a try. Control4 is one of the companies that take advantage of Linux for its flexibility and low cost. Recently Control4 introduced a new home automation controller, the Linux based HC-500.

iPod held for ransom – teen ends up in jail

Now kids, it's time to play good idea, bad idea. Good idea, playfully attempt to get your girlfriend to do a slightly dirty task by holding her iPod for ransom then giving it back as soon as she gives you, the look. Bad idea, stealing an iPod from a female classmate and holding it for actual ransom until she makes a dirty video for you.

Best Buy holds event for female gamers – chance for a free Wii

For any female gamers who feel like they aren't getting nearly enough attention, Best Buy is holding an event just for the girls. Not only do you get to hang out and play some games and prove once and for all female gamers do exist, but you also get the chance to win some prizes as well.

Rockstar set to launch online stat tracking site

Do you enjoy keeping track of your gaming stats online, rather than logging into your console just to see how you're fairing against other players? I always find it much easier (and usually productive) to navigate my way around a website, rather than wander through various screens on a console title. Well if you're like me, you'll love the Rockstar Games Social Club.

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