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Flash on the iPhone – What Adobe should have said, was nothing

So apparently what Adobe really meant when they said that they could bring Flash to the iPhone with just the SDK was that they could start working to bring Flash to the iPhone using the SDK. They can’t actually bring Flash to the iPhone until Apple gives them more access to the background services and all that jazz.

NZXT Tempest Gaming Chasis is the ‘Airflow King’

When I used to build custom PCs there were two main requests when picking out a case. Most people went for the looks, and some also were interested in how well it would actually cool their components. Sometimes it's not always easy to find a case that is the best of both worlds without breaking the bank. Fortunately NZXT has your back with their new Tempest Gaming Chasis.

Just a quick glance at this beast of a case tells that not only does this case look cool, it's going to make sure everything inside stays cool. In fact, the six fans in the Tempest move so much air that NZXT has dubbed it the Airflow King. It features dual 120mm intake fans, dual 140mm exhaust fans and one side and one rear 120mm fan.

EB Games Haze offer was too good to be true

Remember last week when I told you that EB Games in Canada would let people preordering the game Haze play it for a week for free? The deal basically stated that if they traded the game in within a week, they would be given full in-store credit. Apparently it was too good to be true. (Who would have guessed?)

Rockstar to make announcement regarding Bully patch today

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the issues many people were experiencing with Bully: Scholarship Edition for the Xbox 360. Rockstar claimed to have no knowledge of such bugs during testing and promised that they were working around the clock on a fix. Well they've been true to their word, and the patch they spoke of should be coming down the pipes soon.

New Force Unleashed DS info revealed

I've had my eye on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for some time (as any Star Wars fan would). However, I'll admit that I've really only had my eye on the information pertaining to the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii versions. Then again, there really hasn't been much information on the other versions, but today we have a bit of insight into the Nintendo DS version.

Nintendo scores 0.3 on Greenpeace rankings

The world (mostly) seems to love Nintendo. Almost every gamer has some kind of fond memories of the company, whether it's with their shiny new Wii, or the classic NES. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that Nintendo loves the world. Or at least that's the way Greenpeace sees it.

Grand Theft Auto IV officially earns “M” rating

As the April launch of the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV grows steadily closer, more details are coming in. The latest bit of news is that the ESRB has finally given the game it's official rating.

Japan gets a new PS3 for Metal Gear Solid 4 launch

If I were to ask someone which country had the most colors for (almost) all of the current-gen consoles, they would likely say Japan. They would also be very correct. We have just received word that they will be getting yet another PS3 color added to their lineup.

Sanyo Xacti CG9 – new, more user friendly Xacti

This is the latest effort from Sanyo to penetrate the market of the common/casual user with their video cameras. It still supports H.264 video which is great for those major YouTube uploaders out there, but its been fattened up due to surveys of the general public.

ECS G10IL is officially a go – on sale sometime in April

This Eee competitor is more inline with ASUS’ newest offerings, but this notebook will be available a bit sooner than the new Eee. It has 3G, choice of SSD or HDD, and choice of 8.9 or 10.2 inch displays.

The 3G comes in the form of a tri-band HSPA modem that works in the US, Asia, and Europe. You also get a 1.3MB webcam and your choice of 4 of 6 cell batteries.

Lichtinfusion IV Light design – looks sick

This light design is essentially an IV hanger filled with 4 IV bottles with hoses hanging from them. The big difference is instead of Saline in the bottles, there are lights.

SanDisk possibly getting into the music and movie sales business?

Word is that SanDisk might be stepping into the media sales business with their MicroSD cards. Sansa Sessions is a deal they apparently already have in place where with the purchase of a new 8GB Sansa Fuze player you get a free microSD card packed with 55 tracks.