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Halo Soda Vending Machine up for Auction for Charity

This one off pop machine was designed for Bungie to help them celebrate the milestone that was Halo 2, but it never got used. Well, now they’ve had the whole team sign it and are selling it for charity with all of the proceeds going to the Make a Wish foundation.

Like I said, the team never used it, so it’s more or less brand new, save for the small amount of dust that might have built up on the machine. The current bid is $15,000 if you want this literally one of a kind machine.

Shipping is free if you can pick it up in Kirkland, Washington, otherwise it ranges from $200 to $2000 depending on where you live in the continental US, and if it has to leave that are either to hit Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico, or worse yet, internationally, I’m sure those shipping costs spike up quite quickly. They did use it a few times to test it and make sure it worked, and it does, but that’s it, so, fire up your bank accounts. I wonder if it comes with a case or two of Mountain Dew’s Halo Game Fuel drink?

[via Kotaku]

mobiPad controls S60 and UIQ with a WiiMote – cool party tricks sold seperately

This app is more of a Bluetooth profile than it is an application, but the bottom line is that it allows you to connect your WiiMote to your S60 device. There is a bit of an app that allows you to customize key associations on the WiiMote.

With this your gaming on your cell phone could become fun again. As I mentioned in the title, it also works with UIQ and the whole app is Symbian Signed.

You can download it for free from their website which is just Further details regarding key mapping and all that jazz are on their site, they are also looking to add the functionality of the Nunchuk in the future so stay tuned for that.

[via BoyGeniusReport]

FCC 700MHz Auction – the full results, no loose chaff

The big winners were AT&T, Verizon, Qualcomm, and Frontier Wireless, Google didn’t win a thing. VZW took most of the popular C-Block, and ATT picked up 227 licenses from the B-Block.

VZW seems to be the biggest spender dropping a few million short of half of what the entire spectrum sold for at 9.63 billion dollars, that secured them all of C-Block save for Puerto Rico, Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico, basically the areas where they wouldn’t make any money anyways. AT&T spent about 6.64 billion dollars in the auction which got them a 12MHz spectrum of Block B.

The DangerBomb Clock – Don’t worry, it won’t explode

For some, mornings are a major issue, mostly the part where you have to wake up. I tend to have a slight problem with it as well, I seem to lack the will to actually wake up. However, this alarm clock might be just the thing to make you finally get out of bed.

The inflatable Music Pillow

I have on more than one occasion called myself a gadget addict. However, I have a slight standard about my gadgets, they cannot require me to blow them up. This little set of speakers does exactly that or at least the blow up pillow attached to them does.