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Porsche Audio system with AM/FM and iPod Dock

So the features of this system aren’t all that and a box of rocks, but the design of the gadget is quit ingenious. First there are the 3 hollow dials that tune the radio, seek, and select input source.

ECG handheld made from ARM training/dev unit

Check out this really compact electrocardiogram that someone made from a really tiny LCD, a pair of electrodes, and an ARM training unit. Its an STM32 Primer at the heart of the unit.

NTT RedTacton turns you into a giant card for swiping

Basically what this little card does is transmit its signal through your body, clothing, whatever it has direct contact with. That means you could open doors, use printers, and other such tasks without actually having to pull out your card and swipe it.

Fujitsu Calmee Space external hard drive dock

Check out this nifty little gadget from Fujitsu, its called the Calmee Space, which is kind of a weird name, but from the looks of it, it allows you to dock your spare hard drives. Just like they were cell phones, regardless of whether they are Laptop or Desktop, you just drop them in.

Creative Live! Cam Notebook Ultra

Creative has released a total of 4 new Webcams all of which are Plug n Play capable, have integrated microphones, and as far as webcams go, look pretty attractive. The most interesting is the Creative Live! Cam Notebook Ultra which claims the ability to take up to 5MP still images.

Bluetrek Bizz Bluetooth Headset

As far as Bluetooth headsets go, this one isn’t really anything special, it’s the additional features that set this headset apart from all the others. However, on the headset side, you get 6 hours of talk time and 10 days of standby.

Fujitsu 500GB notebook HDD released

Fujitsu has finally done it, they’ve caught up with Hitachi in releasing a 500GB notebook HDD. It has the 2.5” form factor and uses a mere 1.8 watts of power.

The lower power requirements make it greener than Hitachi’s offering. Chances are Fujitsu’s drive will be a bit cheaper than the Hitachi drive when it drops by the end of May this year.

iMacs getting processor upgrade too?

So we all know that Apple hasn’t updated their precious MacBook Pro line in quite sometime, nor have they updated their MacBooks any time recently, so updates for both are likely on their way. The catch is, whatever processor/graphics/FSB the MacBook Pros are using/have usually gets passed on to the iMacs.

Toshiba Satellite X205-SLI4 Review

Despite its best multimedia intentions, Toshiba’s X205-SLi4 notebook is always now going to be criticized for having an HD-DVD drive rather than Blu-Ray; but is this a single chink in its vast armor, or a sign of disappointment to come? SlashGear squared up to the $2,499, 9.37lb monster to find out.

Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive $50 at Best Buy

You also still get the 5 free HD-DVDs by mail in rebate. Sure, the format’s dead, but if you already have an Xbox 360, the $50 price would be worth it just for the Universal Media remote that comes with and the DVD upconverting that this drive can also do.

Activision offering refunds to Guitar Hero Wii owners

Remember last week when I mentioned that Activision was having horrible turnaround time with the Guitar Hero III: Legends of rock discs for the Wii? Well apparently the turnaround time was so bad that they are adding a refund to the list of solutions for the sound issues found with the original discs.

Microsoft discontinues 360 HD DVD player add-on

So the HD DVD format is officially dead, that's old news. Unfortunately, there are companies out there still producing players for this now defunct format, including Microsoft. Don't expect to see those HD DVD player add-ons for your Xbox 360 on store shelves much longer though.