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ThinkPad X300 is now available to order! Shipping within two to three weeks

ThinkPad X300 is now available to order! Shipping within two to three weeks

Road warriors, mobility geeks, and little elf, the lightweight ultra-portable X300 has finally arrived. Lenovo is now taking orders of the “MacBook Air” competitor, a 13.3” thin and light laptop.

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Videos recorded with PlayTV on your PS3 won’t have DRM

If you're looking for another good reason to get a PS3 (there have been plenty lately) this will make your day. Apparently Sony is now promising that their new PlayTV will not place DRM or proprietary encoding on the videos which are recorded on your PS3.

New study says gamers love to get fragged

When you're playing a round of Halo, which would you say you enjoyed more, killing, or being killed? That's easy, no one likes to lose, which is why we spend the entire time running around shooting at people. If we actually enjoyed dying, we'd just stand out in the open and wait to be shot, right? According to a new study, it's quite the opposite.

A study recently observed 36 young-adults as they played James Bond 007: Nightfire and monitored the brain's reactions. Apparently they found that when a person's own character was wounded or killed, the person's brain "elicited an increase in SCL and zygomatic and orbicularis oculi EMG activity and a decrease in corrugator activity" (make them less anxious). However, when someone would kill the another player, their brain showed the exact opposite response.

Valve is considering releasing music and video via Steam

Steam has slowly became one of my favorite gaming services. It has made managing my games so much easier. When I put together a gaming rig, I just install Steam, and it will make sure that all of my games get back on my computer, and that there aren't any licensing issues. I've thought on  more than one occasion that it would be awesome if my other apps and even media were handled just as easily. According to Valve's Doug Lombardi, they're thinking along the same lines for digital media.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl won’t make it to Europe until summer, possibly fall

Over here in the US we've been eagerly awaiting the launch of Super Smash Bros. Brawl for a while. It's been pushed back, and will finally be making its way to our store shelves on March 9th. By that time the game will have been out for over a month in Japan. While the wait seems long for us, Europe still doesn't know when to expect the game. According to a statement by Reggie Fils-Aime mentioned that it could be as late as fall before it arrives on their shores.

The Homade Lego MP3 Player

For some having their gadgets blend in with everyone else is reason to be horrified for life. Now occasionally, that means they must have the newest gadget money can buy, however, other times it means having one of those quirky underground gadgets. This Homade Lego MP3 Player is one way to make sure you always stand out from the crowd.

The Swiss Goldmund Eidos 20 gets Blu-Ray upgrade

When the high end audio manufacturer starts to roll out a $17,000 blu-ray player, the coast is as clear as it can be; the Blu-ray has won. The Swiss Goldmund has decided it's the time to put a Blu-ray transport on the Eidos 20. It’s not only their first entry in HD Format player but also the first Blu-ray player from High end audio industry.

Pioneer to cease 42-inch Plasmas

No more value and budget size Plasma, It’s Kuro or we’ll get it from someone else. While many of us are still struggling to get the first value medium size flat screen, manufacturer like Pioneer is ceasing the production of a 42-inch plasma TV by end of March next year. They will continue to market and sell displays of that size for now, but Pioneer will focus solely on pushing displays with 50-inches or larger.

Blu-Ray drive playback on PC is as easy as Plug and Play?

While gathering more fact on a new Blu-Ray external drive posted on, I found an interesting quote from Lite-on at techradar about their new external Blu-ray drive. According to some Lite-On’s blurb, their Blu-ray drive is as good as idiot-proof USB device. Somehow, I doubt so.

Sony updates Cybershot Superzoom model with DSC-H50

Next in line is another Sony’s Cybershot features a powerful 15x optical zoom. The DSC-H50 updates last model DSC-H9 to feature a 9.1 megapixel with Super HAD ½.3-inch CCD Type sensor. The 15x optical zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens with ranges of 31-465mm (35mm equiv.) appears to be identical as predecessor with the exception of using a better ED glass element. An optical element uses super low-dispersion glass that capable to capture images with better contrast, less color fringing and much sharper than the regular.

Sony newest slim line of Cybershot DCS W300 is powerful

If you aren’t impressed with the pixels count on compact size digital cameras announced at CES 2008, Sony just unveils a powerhouse 13.6 megapixel that raises eyebrows. The slim and sleek Cyber-shot DCS W300 is Sony greatest yet Cybershot announced to date. It has the physically toughness and advanced features normally found on higher end model.

Humanscale Paramount Parabolic Multi-Monitor Display

That’s the long ass name of a product that holds up to 8 LCD monitors on a single stand. The best part is that it’s a tool-less operation to add another monitor to it (if you don’t fill up all 8 slots as soon as you get it), they just snap into place.