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Cellular disruption in Afghanistan brought to you by the Taliban

The terrorists are at it again threatening to manually (a.k.a. things that go boom in the night) disrupt cellular service if all 4 cellular providers in Afghanistan don’t start shutting down their networks at night. Their reasoning? They believe that occupying forces are using the networks to track members of the Taliban.

Chances are they are right; it’s quite easy to track people by their cell phones thanks to the large numbers of towers that are required for even remotely decent coverage triangulation is quite easy. Cell phones not only transmit to these towers when they are in use, but all the time, for some phones, even when they are turned off.

Cell Phone Spy Data Extractor can bring you that much closer to being 007

SIM card readers aren’t that new, however, SIM card readers that can also get the deleted data off of the SIM are. Basically you’ll be able to read deleted texts, numbers, contacts, all sorts of stuff as long as it hasn’t been written over by a new file.

Toshiba Satellite A300 and P300 notebooks

The A300 is a 15.4” notebook that now comes with your choice of Penryn or AMD dual core chips. You can choose between the 45nm Intel Penryn chip or an AMD TL-60 Turion processor.

Sungjut TangoX Nano UMPC with phone and tablet built in

We did a story not to long ago about VIA’s NanoBook which looked unmistakable from this notebook. Except VIA’s model didn’t have a phone built in, it was more of a clock/alarm/thermometer type of thing, other than that and the name just above the keyboard, I can’t tell the difference.

Customize your Penryn with VAIO Graphic Splash Expression Collection notebooks

The Sony’s VAIO® Graphic Splash Expression Collection notebooks remind me of having a set of Photoshop brush and layering tools at your fingertip. It allows you to express your creativity by mixing and matching colors, patterns and keyboard fonts for your personal design.

Sony Announces Two New Blu-ray Players, BDP-S350 and BDP-S550

Sony Electronics has announced two new Blu-Ray players that will be capable of accessing advanced interactive features such as BonusView and BD-Live, and advanced 7.1 channels HD audio decoding. The BDP-S350 ships this summer for about $400 and the BDP-S550 will be available this autumn for about $500.

New Walkman MP3 players from Sony

They have Bluetooth, noise cancellation, a healthy-sized screen, and a 33 hour battery life at the bottom, 36 at the top. For video you get the 320x240 LCD display that can play video at up to 30 frames per second for up to 10 hours, or at the least 9.5 hours.

Mylo Widgets coming to the COM-2 today

Sony has finally created a site where they’ll be releasing widgets for the Mylo personal communicator. They started with 5 on the site for now, and they’ll be adding more, but the exciting part is that if you are feeling generous you can create your own and post them on the site too.

XPS 630 finally released

It has your choice of SLI or CrossFire as well as your choice of Core 2 Quad or Core 2 Extreme. It runs on the nForce 650i SLI chipset based board and can hold up to 4GB of DDR2.

Wii Firmware v. 3.2 now up for download

Not much to see here, there is some performance upgrades in the update. The only other thing besides that is the Disc Channel will now tell you when there is disc with an update on it.

Apparently the various hacks that have been figured out are still working, so, if you’ve hacked your console you should still be good to go with the new update, provided previous updates didn’t mess up your particular shortcut. Kind of makes me wonder if this is the reason my Wii randomly powered up last night.

TouchTable TT84

Now that’s a multi-touch table! It measures in at 67x50 inches, which according to Mr. Pythagoras is about 83.6 inches diagonally, that’s big.

Macbook Pro and MacBook refreshed with Penryn

Macbook Pro and MacBook refreshed with Penryn

The wait is over! I know many of you have held off purchasing Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro because of the updates rumor. Well, it happened. Apple refreshed MacBook and MacBook Pro with Intel’s latest Penryn CPU. Apple also added Multi-touch trackpad to MacBook Pro - it was first introduced in MacBook Air.

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