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Apple Event March 6th – they are finally rolling out the SDK

Even better yet, for you the reader, we’ll be livecasting from the event like we do all of Apple’s events. The invite shows the SDK, Enterprise features, and Software update on the roadmap. As it gets closer to the event's date, we will post the livecast URL.

iPhone Giveaway! – attend a certain university and you get one for free Steve-us Christ will save you!

The Abilene Christian University is now giving each incoming freshman an free iPhone. I suppose this is their fairly convincing attempt at bringing more students in.

LG 10,000:1 contrast ratio monitor – you’ll finally be able to tell the difference between charcoal and black

I have an Acer monitor that has a horrible contrast ratio, but it was 22-inches and it was cheap, but now I am looking for a new monitor that has a better quality picture and I think this new one from LG might have just made it to the top. This is the highest spec Digital Fine Control monitor LG has too.

LG Glimmer touchscreen slider coming to Alltel – too bad it couldn’t have hit a better carrier

It has a 2.8-inch capacitive touchscreen and a menu similar to that of the PRADA cell phones. In fact, save for the slide out number pad, it kind of looks like a more generic version of the PRADA phone.

Centrino 2 platform graphics bump – Intel graphics still suck, but the future looks promising

Integrated graphics are a nice way to keep prices low, and Intel has been making some strides in that area with they new X3100 chips putting up some fairly impressive numbers. Those numbers will only get better when Intel’s X4500 graphics chips launch with the new Centrino 2 platform.

MWg adding UMPC and smartphones to their repertoire – way to stay ahead of the curve MWg

MWg was formerly known as O2 Asia, which hasn’t made anything new in a while. Even better yet, they are going to try and tackle the biggest competitors in that area, names that even US citizens are familiar with.

Everex CloudBook – now available online, but where’s the in-store pickup option?

The Everex CloudBook that has constantly been pushed back is now up on Wal-Mart’s site for the $400 price, you can get it delivered to your house, or site to store, but there is no option to find it in store. In fact, if you read the bottom of my screen shot, it clearly says “Not available in stores”.

Everex gPC Mini – because the Mac Mini wasn’t good enough

It has a 1.86GHz Intel dual core mobile processor (its model number is T2130 which signifies a new Core 2 Duo chip, but it could be the older Pentium D chips). It also has a half gig of RAM, 120GB HDD, a DVD Burner, gigabit Ethernet and more.

RESPeRATE helps you lower your blood pressure

Essentially this device hooks up to you (probably around your chest) and monitors your breath. Then, if you are breathing faster than 10 breaths per minute (the therapeutic zone) it creates a custom melody that will help you slow your breathing rate.

Samsung announces the immediate availability of 820Dxn, 82-inch LCD Display

Samsung showcased the giant 82-inch SyncMaster LCD display 820DXn back in SEK 2007, and today they announces the immediate availability of its largest and most powerful large format LCD display at 2008 Digital Signage Expo.

HP 2133 to sell 2 million units?

Apparently HP thinks so, they’ve taken it upon themselves to contract out 2 million units to Wistron. In case you’ve already forgotten, the 2133 is the Eee-like notebook that HP is going to start selling later this year.

NEC rolls out a 52-inch MultiSync LCD display with professional-grade panel

NEC introduced the MultiSync LCD5220, an industry first 52-inch display based on a professional-grade panel. The LCD5220 is a full high-definition, wide-screen display designed for digital signage applications, including transportation and corporate boardrooms. This ultra-thin bezel measures at a mere 0.7 inches, features NEC's proprietary and advanced Digital Signage Technology Suite (DSTS) with nearly 30 features that enhance display management and improve screen performance.

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