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Tributaries T12 features Rotating Outlets

I’m sure some of you have few gadgets that use a rather inconvenient plug transformer, No? Take a look at you midget-side desktop speakers, a/v switcher or wireless router. Some of them are big, enough to occupy two outlets. Tributaries has a power strip that you may find it useful to void the bulky wall-warts bumping into each other.

Netflix to quadruple Blu-ray content, may cost you more

With the fall of HD-DVD, the Hi-Def rental-lover has raised question on Netflix ability to sustain its glowing subscribers and demands for Blu-Ray Format. Their rival, Blockbuster has quietly surrendered on price war and raised a significant monthly fee, almost twice as much on the least profitable Total Access renters. The sudden price rise has terminated thousands of subscribers, many switched or simply returned to Netflix.

MacBook Air Patents – ports! Lots and lots of ports!

There is some indication in some Apple MacBook Air patents that they are looking to up the number of ports on the notebook from 4 to 7-8. One of the ports includes and integrated Ethernet adapter.

IP Donor Card – now all your ideas can be donated, to the public domain

Due to the horrible state of affairs of the copyright laws, no one can use your IP (intellectual property) for 70 years after your death. That means if you’ve copyrighted or patented part of a good idea that you were working on, no one else can work on it for 70 years.

MSI GX600-08 notebook – hit the turbo!

This notebook seems rather plain and basic, but deep inside it has a hidden feature. There is a turbo button, it doesn’t magically speed up the computer like the turbo buttons of yore, but it does help with your battery life.

USB WPM Speedometer – it’s a speedometer for your typing speed

If you type a lot during the day, and you like using metrics to track your own personal progress so you can better yourself, this thing might come in handy. Not only does it track the number of words per minute you type (up to 260), but it also tracks your daily word count as a total.

Mitsubishi ARLEDIA, long-term DVD-R optical media storage

The longevity of DVD-R optical media is how and where you store them. Keep them in a temperature control environment or away from chemicals that deteriorating the data layer is always a good practice. If you don’t have the luxury with environmental control, get the expensive flash media or highly-resistant optical media like the Mitsubishi‘s ARLEDIA.

Corsair Flash Voyager GT 16GB – fast data transfer for all your corporate espionage needs

So you’ve made it into the boss’ office and you are transferring the files onto your cheap knockoff flash drive and had you been mere seconds faster you wouldn’t be sitting in a jail cell, well you should have bought a flash drive from Corsair. Their new Flash Voyager GT offers up transfer speeds four times faster than that of a regular USB 2.0 drive.

Viral Ad Campaign for a mouse – Razer has lost it, dropping new mouse on March 4th

There is a new viral ad up for a mouse that is coming on March 4th. There is a quick like 4 second Flash ad, a countdown timer, and an email sign-up box and that’s it.

UCCTOP XENO – your dream mobile video editing studio

You don’t need a van to transport this video editing software, just a large laptop case. That’s what it is, is a laptop on a whole lot of video editing crack.

Sony’s PS-LX300USB turntable – stealing the light from Ion with their own USB turntable

It’s a turntable (belt-driven) that can spin at either 33 and a third or 45 rpm’s and can connect to your computer for ripping or for recording your own custom DJ mixes. The best part about choosing the Sony unit over any other USB turntable is that you get a free copy of Sony’s Sound Forge Audio Studio with your purchase.

Samsung i550w – S60 smartphone with WiFi that isn’t from Nokia

The 802.11 addition is there to complement the HSDPA WWAN connection that is also built in. You also get a 2.6-inch QVGA display, a 3.2MP camera with AF and flash, and GPS.

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