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Linutop 2 is the perfect lightweight Linux desktop

This newest version of the Linutop ups the processor to a 500MHz Geode, it also has a half gig of RAM and a gig of flash storage. Even better yet, there is a VESA mounting bracket built into the thing so you can mount it to your favorite LCD monitor.

NDrive G400 is the first nav system with a breathalyzer built in

I’ve always wondered how many drunk driving accidents could have been stopped if people really knew how drunk they were, I guess with this nave system we’ll be one step closer. Sure, personal breathalyzers aren’t exactly new, but having one built into your directions home is.

Digital Tattoo Interface from the Greener Design Competition

Speaking of creepy tech designs, we have another, this time from a different competition, this one I could at least embrace as helpful though. Basically this thing gets inserted under your skin, connected to your bloodstream and then acts as a touch-screen interface, on your skin.

Ping Pong Webcam from Brando

This gadget single-handedly makes me weep for the human race. Yes, I saw Balls of Fury, yes it was absolutely hilarious, but I think a ping pong webcam is just too, too far.

Chinese Voice Changing Telephone

I guess that’s the official U.S. product title, anyways, it’s a standard telephone that has voice changing capabilities built right in. There is no need to go buy a separate box to change your voice, and that way it’s harder for the police to figure out what’s going on when they raid your house.

MyRacer MF101 does gaming and media on the go

The games are of the Flash and/or Flash Lite variants and are loaded into either the devices 1GB of memory or an SD card. The same goes for music and movies as well as any other media this thing can accept.

Six more LCD-HDTV from Sony Bravia V and J Series

If the F series didn’t get your approval, there are two more Bravia series on its way. Unlike F series, the new J series is an entry level 1366x768 resolution HDTV while the V series is a full scale 1080P mid-end model.

SONY Unveils Trio of Slim line Bravia F Series LCD-HDTV

Sony Japan announces a trio of new Bravia F series LCD-HDTV with thinnest area measures just slightly over 1-inch. The new F-series has three sizes, 32-inch WXGA with resolution of 1366x768, and full scale of natively 1080p on both 40-inch and 46-inch.

Fake Samuel L. Jackson accepts dare, Jack Thompson chickens out on debate

I would love to know exactly what goes on inside the head of Jack Thompson. As you know he already dared Samuel L. Jackson to a debate over a blog post written by the Fake Samuel L. Jackson. After figuring out that the post was a work of satire, he commented, noting that he still stood by his word. Now Fake Samuel L. Jackson isn't one to back down, so he accepted the dare, and agreed to hold a debate with Thompson. What did Thompson do? He chickened out. I can't say that I'm really surprised.

Apparently there was a good deal of effort put into arranging this debate. My mastery of the English language couldn't possibly match the eloquence of Fake Samuel L. Jackson, so I'll let him give you the skinny after the jump.

80GB PS3 disappears from Sony Style store

If you're bored, head over to the Sony's online store and look around. See if you notice anything missing. You'll probably be looking for a while, as it's much harder to notice the absence of something, rather than the presence of an object. If you can't figure it out, then I'll just tell you, it's the 80GB PS3.

Gears of War 2 is Official, due out in November

GDC has been full of all kinds of announcements. Unfortunately most companies have a habit of making big announcements, then leaving out all of the juicy details. But we'll take what we can get. The latest announcement comes from Epic Games. No, they're not getting bought out by Microsoft, but they are working on Gears of War 2.

Europe set to get Wii Fit a month before the US

I've said for some time that I feel bad for gamers that don't live in either the US or Japan. It seems like every other part of the world get shafted when it comes to game launches. However, it looks like Europe is actually going to get something before we do. They'll be getting the Wii Fit almost a month before the US.