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Panasonic Re-introduces a better 103-inch 1080p Plasma

We thought the big Plasma outfit from Panasonic was for show, no go. Apparently, they’ve proved us wrong by publishing the number of 103-inch Plasma unit sold in a Japanese commercial and kept pushing the sizes up to 150-inch at CES 2008. The Big-Plasma-Biz must be good for Panasonic. They have reintroduced the same 103-inch with few upgrades for commercial line and wealthy individual looks to impress their clients or neighbors.

Teraoka Deli Touch Pen could make your next trip to the deli more pleasant

Apparently service, convenience, and swift are all now former characteristics associated with Deli’s in major cities. The lackeys behind the counter generally don’t care about you, your order, or your return business like they used to.

Optimus Maximus from Art.Lebedev has finally arrived

The team over at Engadget HQ have managed to get their hands on an Optimus Maximus keyboard presumably for review purposes. They’ve made an attempt to enlighten us to some facts we may or may not like to here so we may be able to make better purchase decisions.

3rd Space FPS gaming vest takes realism to the next level

It wasn’t too long ago I was writing about this vest as just a concept, well now its come to live and you can buy one. The list of games it works with has even expanded to include some titles you might recognize such as Call of Duty and Dead or Alive.

Wall-E GameCube looks so innocent

Personally, I am sick and tired of seeing the stupid commercial for the cartoon featuring this little robot, but I do like the robot. Maybe not quite enough to gather up my GameCube, some Plexiglas, tubes, rods, plastic, metal, and acrylic paint and think to myself “hmm, this seems like a good idea”.

Waveboat makes your Waverunner a boat

‘They say money doesn't buy happiness. That phrase should end with "just kidding".’ For those of you who recognize that quote, you have an idea where this is going, but lets start with the $8000 price tag for this Jet Ski accessory.

The freezer trick, Recovery data and Steal too

If you are half-a-geek, you probably heard of freezer trick to recovery data from a physically F.U.B.A hard drive. The New York Times has published an article with similar method used by Princeton University researchers – not for data recovering but breaking the encrypted information stored on the disk.

Keep you data safe with Transcend StoreJet 25 extra rugged case

The new Transcend StoreJet 25 mobile external drive is not any different than nowadays convenient mobile grade storage. It’s bus-powered, USB 2.0 compatible, intelligent back-up sofware with one touch of a button - all packed in compact storage measured at 0.45 pound, 134mm by 80.8mm by 18.8mm mobile case.

Planex’s HDMI Cable is thinner than Wireworld

Conventional HDMI cable is stiff and heavy, lacks flexibility to get around tight spaces. One looks for an alternate cable solution is either getting a much expensive wireless module or a flat HDMI like Wireworld world’s thinnest Island HDMI cable. If the Island’s 3mm profile is not thin enough, Planex Japan has another measured at a mere 2mm in thickness.

Sumo’s durable laptop sleeves

If you're worried about your laptop sleeve not keeping your precious laptop protected, you might need a slightly more tough laptop sleeve. Well why not have one that is from a line called Sumo? I'm not really sure what a Sumo wrestler has to do with my laptop, but hey, it seems like a sturdy case.

Huge Success – Portal’s Still Alive confirmed for Rock Band

Remember last week when I showed you that leaked DLC list for Rock Band? While some of those songs may actually make their way into the game, it's a tentative list at best, and subject to change. However, Harmonix has confirmed at least one of the songs. Still Alive from Portal will be heading our way soon.

No 4-player co-op for Lego Indiana Jones after all

Earlier this week when I reported that the upcoming Lego Indiana Jones title would support 4-player co-op, I admit that I had my doubts. I really couldn't picture myself trying to coordinate my actions with three other people in my living room throughout the entire game. Apparently there's no need to worry  about it, as the game will only be 2-player.