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Rumor – RockStar Games going PS3 exclusive

While things have certainly changed since the launch of the PS3, there is still one major complaint that people have about Sony's flagship console. The fact that the PS3 doesn't have an excessive amount of exclusive titles is brought up wherever fanboy arguments break out. For those of you sitting in the PS3 camp, you will likely be able to tell your 360-loving enemies that all future Grand Theft Auto titles will likely be exclusive to your favorite console.

Take-Two plays hard to get with EA

Last year was a great year for gaming. Granted, there weren't any major console releases, but game sales were at their highest, and were probably one of the few things that saved the holiday shopping season from being a complete retail disaster. While you could pour over numbers all day long, the easiest way to tell that the industry as a whole is doing well is to simply look at all of the companies trying to purchase each other. Take-Two has been the latest one being sought after.

Cool DS skins add a little color and texture

Every time I hear that Nintendo will be releasing a new color for the DS lite, I start to wonder how much I could get out of my boring white one. So far I haven't been tempted quite enough to follow through, but I am starting to get tired of staring at that white shell. I may very well look into one of these protectors which will add a bit of color.

Final Fantasy VII ported to Famicom

I still remember the day that I first played Final Fantasy VII. The first thing that amazed me was that the game was so large that it required a full three discs to hold it all. I'm sure these days it wouldn't be much of an issue to squeeze it onto a PS2 disc, but someone has managed to port (see: squeeze) the game onto the most unlikely of formats.

Rock Band Weekly DLC – NIN

Remember that leaked Rock Band DLC list for March? No, not the big giant list that was found inside of a file in the latest DLC pack, but rather the one released in OXM at the beginning of the month. Well if you were looking for a bit of info to let you know just how accurate the list is, I've got just what you're looking for. I'm going to say that they were off by a bit, since Harmonix has just announced three of those tracks which will be available for download tomorrow, not in March.

GiFi is making an entrance – 5Gbps wireless chip that cost only $10 to produce

GiFi is making an entrance – 5Gbps wireless chip that cost only $10 to produce

How would you like having 5Gbps wireless connection around the house? Streaming HD videos would be flawless without much buffering issue. The guys at Melbourne University have officially introduced their new invention, the GiFi.

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Leica Sacked CEO, Steven K Lee to step down

Thirteen months ago Steve K Lee was hired as the Lecia CEO with the challenge of turning the company around in digital era. That didn’t happen and he has been dismissed and replaced by the company's owner and board chairman Dr Andreas Kaufman.

It’s not an easy task in the cut-throat digital camera business, and twice as hard ran a small-town German company. Perhaps the cultural indifferences are not the excuses here, but rather the conflict of interests on the controversial perpetual M8 upgrade and company direction in producing a full frame body.

Carbon Fiber LCD TV from Toshiba

Toshiba was showing off a new TV finish for their Regza line at their spring press event this year. The finish is that of Carbon Fiber and was created in a small batch for the Turkish market due to requests from dealers there.

Mechanical Spider Pwns j00 All!

This thing is freaking amazing, its made out of metal, can carry up to 8 people, and each “step” takes it 5 feet closer to its enemy, er, destination. It has a 454 Chevy V-8 engine that powers it with the current final drive ration being about 125:1.

Duros 8-inch Rugged Tablet PC

The specs on this tablet PC may not be much, but the fact that it can take a beating and keep on ticking is worth its weight in gold if that’s what you need at work. Its rated MIL STD 810F, which basically means it can withstand significant shock, water, dust, and even extreme temperatures and still work.

Popcorn Hour NMT A-100 probably lasts for more than an hour

This set top box is amazing! It can stream media from your PC, NAS, USB device, an internal HDD if you install one or even from the Internet.

Light tent made from an Ikea trash can

This ingenious gadget should up your product shots and will be a whole lot cheaper than a formal light tent. Essentially it’s a broad, but short, white waste basket from Ikea turned upside down with a hole drilled out of the bottom