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DVICO launched latest TVIX HD M-6500A, now featuring Sigma Design SMP8635

New series of Tvix multimedia players has launched in Korea. The TViX HD M-6500A now featuring a sleek and stylish aluminum black face, Sigma's latest processor SMP8635 , HDMI v1.3 output and HDD with SATA interface support.

RoadRunner hands-free headset – close, but not quite there

I’ve seen several headsets recently that use bone conduction to get what was said to you, to you, but they were lacking the voice part that goes on your neck for direct connection to your voice box. Now we have a headset that has the voice box part but some dinky little ear bud for the speaker part, when will they marry the two?

Heineken BeerTender – helps you get drunk in style

I am a big fan of beer, sadly Heineken isn’t one of my favorites, but their new BeerTender works with other brands as well. This is essentially a countertop kegerator/tap for you to poor fresh beer from.

Green Cell eco-friendly battery design – can’t we all just standardize our rechargeable batteries?

Its just a concept, but it’s a damned good one offering up a way to significantly decrease the number of batteries thrown away each year. The basic idea is that we get all the device manufacturers to start using one (or two) standardized batteries.

686 Original Snow Toolbelt – doesn’t make you Batman, but close

So you can’t run Wayne enterprise or leap from tall building without fear of harm just because you are wearing this belt, but the bottle opener might come in handy. There is also a Philips and flat-head screw driver and a wrench built in.

Asus Xonar DX soundcard – has 7.1, low SNR, only thing stopping Creative monopoly

Asus is well-known for a lot of things, their soundcards not among them, but that might be about to change. They just recently started manufacturing these little buggers, and I don’t know personally how they sound, but specs wise they seem fairly on par with most of Creative’s offerings.

Circuit City opening new concept store called “The City” – to inspire dreams in HD, better service

For some reason Circuit City thinks that if they open a new chain of stores meant to give you what you expect from a regular Circuit City you might shop there more often. They even gave it a name that’s slightly more “hip”, they are dubbing it “The City”.

iPhone SDK apps to require Apple approval and iTunes distribution – I’m So Shocked!

In a move that anyone even remotely familiar with Apple could have seen coming from miles away, even with the SDK Apple wants complete control of what Apps make it onto the iPhone and iPod Touch and complete control of distribution. I don’t think this tidbit has been confirmed, but how likely is it Apple is going to open up any portion of their business model?

Aliph Jawbone Yves Behar Limited Editions – when a $120 headset isn’t smug enough

Instead of the mesh-metal exterior their predecessors had these limited edition Jawbones are designed by Yves Behar and come in Black, White, and Copper. Each design also has a title, Dirty Talk, Trash Talk, and Sweet Talk respectively.

Clarion NAX973HD – like Ford Sync for non-Fords

It has a 30GB HDD, a USB port, and a 400MHz just to start. It also has GPS built in so it can do navigation and get you where you are going.

iMac Curve Design – awe inspiring design questions Apple’s current inspirations

It’s a huge curved monitor that has an iMac Built in. That’s not all; there is a secondary display on the back. Have I mentioned this thing looks amazing?

SourcingMap HDD enclosure is also a PMP, very affordable

Sourcingmap launches series of Portable Multimedia Player that essentially the size of a typical HDD case with incorporated multimedia IO devices. The greatest asset of this PMP is not only the factory direct price of $85 or cheap (depend on quantity purchase) but its capability of supporting variety media formats including VCD, DVD, MPEG1/2/4, DIVX3.X--5.X, AVI, ASF, VOB, DAT, MP4, MPG, PEG, BMP, GIF and MP3. I could be wrong but probably the cheapest PMP I’ve seen with ability to read VOB format, great for direct DVD-archive-user.

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