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Nikon Unveils D60 DLSR

The Nikon D60 gets official today, a few minor changes compare to predecessor D40x. It uses the same physical body design with similar features like 10.2 mp CCD sensor with sensitivity up to ISO 3200, 2.5 inch LCD display and shutter speed range of 1/4000s to 30 seconds.

PS3 Blu-Ray Profile 1.1: does it live up to expectations?

We try to keep our readers with up-to-date with the latest technology and news, but occasionally a few things get delayed, like the PS3's Blu-Ray Profile 1.1 update that’s been out for a few weeks. I didn't get the first Sony's Profile 1.1 movie, Resident Evil: Extinction until last week. My lame excuses are: 1) I hate the movie, slouching zombies are getting old and pretty boring, and 2) I've never really felt I need Profile 1.1. But I do have a job to do, so here's the SlashGear hands-on report on the Profile 1.1 update.

Pre-PMA 2008 Leak : Sony Alpha A300 and A350 ?

Numerous photos of new Alpha from Sony have posted at dyxum photo forum early today. There’s no spec available on allegedly new bodies, only guess works are involved judging on the print and graphical features of the bodies.

magicJack $20 unlimited VoIP reviewed

We first saw magicJack all the way back in October, where we managed to kick off an argument about truth in advertising in the comments; now PC Magazine have got one of the adaptors in for review, to see whether YMax's claims are true.  To recap, the magicJack device is a matchbox-sized gizmo with a USB plug on one end (to go into your computer) and a standard RJ-11 phone jack on the other, into which you plug a standard landline phone.  The big selling point is unlimited national calls for $20 a year.


ASUS 8GB Eee in short supply

The low-end versions of ASUS' Eee laptop have received much of the attention - not least because of their bargain basement price tags - but up at the top they're having problems keeping up with demand for their 8GB model.  SLC (single-level cell) NAND flash memory, which the Eee uses for storage instead of a traditional hard-drive, is currently in short supply, and ASUS has had to cut off shipments of the 8GB Eee to Taiwan until availability increases.


Pre-PMA 2008 Leak : Nikon 24mm Tilt/Shift lens and D60 digital SLR ?

We are less than a week into PMA 2008, which is also one of the most exciting weeks prior to the event where leaks and rumors circulate the internet forum at its peak. A user from dpr forum claimed to get hold on a possible D40/D40s replacement. A Nikon D60 along with several new lenses.

HD-DVD : We ain’t Dead, Check Us Out at Super Bowl XLII

Toshiba looks forward to launch their largest yet HD-DVD marketing initiative after the Warner’s setback. They have reserved a 30-second Super Bowl XLII’s commercial spot at the cost of 2.7 million dollars to re-promote the current HD-DVD line-up features HD-A3, A30 and A35.

ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 breaks teraflop performance barrier

This means that this single graphics card is more powerful than the Cray-1. ATI and AMD both seem to have problems playing catch-up with their competitors, but generally when they land one; it’s a good amount ahead of the curve of their competitors.

CybertronPC CM900 is an Eee, but with a higher price tag

The full specs are an Intel Celeron M processor 353 running at 900MHz with a 512KB L2 cache and a 400MHz FSB. There is the same half gig of DDR2, 910GML Intel graphics, and 2GB of SSD storage.

nVidia GeForce 8800M GTX SLI configuration for hardcore gaming on the go

Once again nVidia has claimed the most powerful mobile graphics solution title by combining a pair of super fast 8800M GTX GPUs. I don’t think there is a single game out now that this duo can’t display at max resolution with a more than decent frame rate.

ATT raising A la Carte texting prices again

That’s right; they are giving out another five cent price bump to the text messaging price. That means that text messages will be 20 cents each and MMS messages will be 30 cents each unless you have a plan for one or both of those.

Alert Me home security system is completely wireless

This security system is freaking awesome, it has motion sensors, RFID/Wireless key fobs, alarm detectors, wireless signal boosting lamps, door/window opening sensors, and The Button. The key fobs have RFID built in so you know who is home and when they got there (great way to monitor your rebellious kids or cheating spouse, lol) and they also have a button on them that turns the security system on or off.