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Ugobe Pleo Reviewed

Our friend Judy over at GearDiary was lucky enough to get a Ugobe Pleo for review not and she just posted the final review. If you are interested in buying one, I’d recommend you hop on over to her site and read the whole thing.

Delkin’s ImageRouter reads up to Twelve UDMA CompactFlashs Concurrently

Delkin’s ImageRouter is a CompactFlash card reader that offers multiple and simultaneous high speed UDMA transfers for professional photographers. It has a USB 2.0 CompactFlash card reader with UDMA transfer mode and built-in powered hub to support up to 4 CF cards transfer to PC concurrently.

The Sigzilla is back with new paint job

The Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 EX DG lens was first introduced at last PMA show, the giant barrel and overall physical size draw attention to photography community, not to mention the world’s first F2.8 aperture at 500mm.

The Gamerator is back!

Remember last November when we showed you the holy grail of arcade cabinets? You know the one, the Gamerator. This awesome cabinet was a one-of-a-kind design that was up for grabs on eBay. Apparently the makers had such a response that they decided to mass-produce them. That's right, you can get your own!

Rock Band and Guitar Hero sales outperformed legal music downloads last year

It's a well-guarded secret that I play Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The previous statement was, in fact, a lie. I play them quite often (Rock Band more than Guitar Hero these days) and find myself buying new downloadable tracks on a regular basis. Apparently I'm not alone, as the games actually pulled in more money last year than all of the (legal) digital music downloads combined.

Rumor Smashed – No Final Fantasy XIII this year

Rumors come, and then they're smashed. That's just how this industry goes. Sometimes they actually turn out to be true, but I'd venture to say that a vast majority of them turn out otherwise. Such is the case of Final Fantasy XIII's 2008 release date.

3D Realms says Duke Nukem Forever is really coming, again

If you asked me what the most highly-anticipated (and most joked-about) game of all time was, I would have to go with Duke Nukem Forever. Seriously, this game has been in development since I was around 10. It wasn't long ago that we were teased with a new trailer for the game, and now the game's Art Director is claiming that they are currently “doing a lot of polishing of set pieces, environments, and characters.”

Finally, a set of pedals for Guitar Hero

One of my favorite parts about Guitar Hero is when I'm rocking out, then suddenly bringing the neck up to activate star power. When it's timed right, especially during co-op, it really cranks things up to 11. Unfortunately on some songs (ahem, Jordan) timing must be absolutely precise, and during those most difficult of tracks it becomes even harder to trigger your star power. Thankfully there's a new pedal out there that can make things go a little more smoothly.

EcoButton is eco-friendly

I try to be eco friendly, I want to be, but I slip up a lot as do most of us. What I need is something that is simple to use and hard to forget about. The EcoButton is a great way to give it another try.

Wooden Mouse takes a tech step backwards

I was under the impression that new products where supposed to be more advanced but I guess I was wrong. This wooden mouse falls into what I’d called “novelty items”.

Vibe Body Sound bone conduction headphones

I don’t get the big deal over headphones, earbuds or what-have-you. I’m not a music connoisseur or anything so sound quality is not as important to me as comfort and getting to listen to my music. I also don’t get the people dying because they don’t turn their music down while walking down busy roads or train tracks. The Vibe Body Sound headphones appear to be comfortable and will reduce death.

USB Aroma Oil Burner and Radio

I don’t like oil burners, I had a horrific experience with one where I set my desk on fire. I have a glass desk and when you have an oil fire on a glass desk, throwing water on it only spreads the fire around. I will never buy another one, not even the USB Aroma Oil Burner and Radio.

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