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Dell seeing RED thanks to Bono, Gates, and Dell

Dell has added the XPS m1330, XPS One, XPS M1530, and the 948 All-In-One printer to the (PRODUCT) Red line of products. The goal of this initiative is to allow consumers to donate to a worthy charity while still getting a nice, useful, and brilliantly colored gadget in return.

Robotic walking chair is for sale and in stock

This chair has 8 legs, but they aren’t configured like a spider, they are configured like a normal chair, but with two legs coming out of each spot where there should only be one. The advantage of this design is that this chair can walk for you.

Dell getting gutsy like Gibbon and putting Ubuntu on XPS m1330

Dell has already begun selling the Gutsy Gibbon-running XPS m1330 in Europe, but word is it’s on its way across the pond to us now. The specs in Germany are as follows, a C2D T5450, 1GB of RAM, a 120GB HDD, DVD+/-R/W, and integrated Intel GMA X3100 graphics.

Fred & Friends 500XL earbud speakers

Check out these earbuds, or are they speakers? I guess that depends on how big your ears are, but they are, for the vast majority of the populous, speakers, they just look unmistakably like a pair of stock iPod headphones.

nVidia working on GeForce 9800GX2?

Judging from this prototype image they are in fact working on just that, a dual GPU graphics card based on the GeForce 9800. The reason it looks like they took apart a pair of 9800’s and inverted one of them on top of the other and combined the interfaces is because that’s more or less what they did, oh, and they stuck a cooler in between the two.

Laptop HDD enclosure for $10.99

So if you just ordered a new hard drive for your laptop and are trying to figure out what to do with the old one, here is one possible solution. You can buy an $11 enclosure with free shipping and stick it in there.

MacBook Air reviewed, by other people

Apparently we haven’t made it far enough into the big time to get pre-release review units of Apple products, but USA Today, Newsweek, and the WSJ have, and Gizmodo was kind enough to summarize them all for us. So, what are the biggest complaints? What are the biggest pluses?

Canon has some new mammoth lenses

The first, and apparently the largest is the 800 millimeter lens with a f-stop of 5.6. Its not coming until May, but when it does, it will cost more than some new cars.

Samsung Announces 14.6 Megapixel Digital SLR GX-20

Samsung has announced a new Digital SLR model GX-20 to replace the GX-10. The new Gx-20 is not only using the same 14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor on the new Pentax DSLR K20D, they almost share the same body design. This is their first co-joined CMOS sensor product, which happens to be their top of the line unit as well. The Key differences over previous model include the Live View, X-sync terminal flash mount, better body sealing, larger 2.7” LCD monitor and three ways Optical Image Stabilization.

VIA Isaiah, 64-bit CPU with low power consumption

VIA Isaiah, 64-bit CPU with low power consumption

VIA is releasing its new x86 processor called Isaiah. The chip is deemed to perform twice as fast as VIA’s current processor while maintaining the same amount of power consumption.

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Canon Revealed Twelve Megapixel Digital Rebel XSi EOS 450D

Canon has unveiled a new entry level Digital SLR, the twelve megpapixel EOS 450D aka Digital Rebel XSi to replace previous model. The new rebel is now powered by DIGIC III image processor with enhanced 14-bit A/D conversion. It also has number of new features like improved autofocus sensor, 3.5 fps continuous shooting, highlight tone priority, larger viewfinder, SD/SDHC storage, sport metering, higher capacity battery, and Live View function on a bigger 3-inch LCD display.

Cherry Ergo-Shark Left-handed Mouse

I know a lot of lefties and I know the importance of having products that fit both right and left handed people, as well as having products that are specifically for each type. When it comes to comfort, it’s better to have a fitted item then an ambidextrous one. A mouse is no exception, it’s something that’s used a lot and so it needs to fit the user comfortably to ease a little bit of the stress of the work day. The Cherry Ergo-Shark left-handed mouse does just that.