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Sigma Unveils Three Zoom Lenses featuring OS and HSM

If you’ve been unsatisfied with Sigma's development in Optical Stabilizer lenses, here's some good news for you. They’ve drop three new zoom lens at PMA 2008, with OS ability of 4 stops of light equivalent. Better yet, the trio feature Hyper Sonic Motor for smooth, quite and fast auto-focusing.

Slacker shipping WiFi players today

There are 3 models shipping. They all have the same 4-inch screen and some controls along the side of that screen.

Phiaton Moderna iPod dock looks different

I don’t know what else to say about it other than it definitely looks unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It is a fairly basic design though with an iPod dock at the heart, speakers to the left and right, and buttons just forward of the dock.

Blackberry Bluetooth remote stereo gateway easily connects your wireless tunes to your wired stereo

This little 5cm square gadget connects to your favorite audio system via a headphone jack (which could be split into a pair of RCA jacks with the right cable) and then streams music from your A2DP enable device. That list would include your cell phone or possibly MP3 player.

We Will Never Forget: the Boston Bomb Scare

I am sure we all remember the tragic day when the LED effigy of Ignignokt magically didn’t explode, but was still thought to be a bomb. Who would have ever thought that people in the US would be so dumb and ignorant to think that an LED lit up sign is a bomb.

But they did, in the end; I believe two men were charged with some dumbass charges because they somehow managed to declare the LED signs “hoax devices”. So, next time you have a company and you hire some people to do some advertising for you, might want to be careful, they might be considered terrorists.

Sandisk Updates Ultra II media with 32GB SDHC and 8GB SDHC Plus

I have a few of the Sandisk Ultra II 2GB SD version. I prefer them over the Extreme III Compact flash because the in-camera write speed is a tap faster. Although it's slightly slower in between PC transfer but that’s not what i got it for. Now sounds about the right time for an upgrade. Sandisk has announced two new up-sized versions of the Ultra II SDHC and Ultra II SDHC plus to 32GB and 8GB with 50 percents faster than last version.

Eazo X70 is a high end gaming PC with a sense of style

I am not going to bag on Alienware too much, but I have seen some of their desktop computers, and they aren’t too terribly attractive, in fact, the only desktop I’ve ever seen in person that looked good was the Blackbird 02, but much like both of those computers, this desktop from China has the performance, and the style. Sure it costs nearly 50 grand, but it has a side door that opens more eloquently than a Lamborghini.

Macessity LowKey Stand frees up some desk space

This nifty little stand from Macessity will do well you free up some desk space when you aren’t using your computer. Its made of steel and powder coated to match your iMac or Mac Pro, and the new ultra-thin keyboard that you can buy from Apple or that comes with the new iMacs.

ATT Data networks for Treos and Blackberries down

It appears that there is another nationwide data outage at AT&T again. It was EDGE earlier this month, and now its UMTS.

Manfrotto Intros Modopocket to support ultra compact digital camera

If you don’t have the creativity or time for home-depot, Manfrotto has an ultra compact support for you P&S digital camera. The Hasp-pod Modopocket can fold flat completely or tilt to angle you camera, it’s an ideal mobile sized mini pod that can fit anywhere from storage to varies shooting scenarios.

Sanwa peripherals have touch pads built in

Reminiscent of your notebook, these keyboards, presumable designed for desktop use, are wireless keyboards with touch-pads built in. I don’t know how many of you are a fan of your laptop’s touch-pad navigation methods, but I am assuming the percentage is low.

Television Remote Control Jammer

Hey, now you can mess up your next trade show too. This trick isn’t quite as bad as it doesn’t turn the TV’s off, it just makes the remote controls useless, which could also be considered worse.

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