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Comcast and TiVo partnership finally rolls out a product

So two years ago Comcast announced that some or all of their DVR boxes would be getting pimped by the people who make TiVo, well, someone finally got one of those boxes. To be more specific a Mr. Steve Garfield in Boston has gotten one of the boxes.

Fingerprint safe uses biometrics to secure your goods

So check out this safe that stores your valuable stuff under fingerprint scanner (not quite as catchy as lock and key). It’s apparently so secure that its endorsed by the NRA for use with firearms.

Samsung F300 Clone might be better than the original

Sure, it blatantly rips off two designs, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily inferior. It has the same dual-faced design of the F300 and F500 from Samsung, but on the media side, in place of whatever controls the Samsung devices used, there is a click wheel just like those of the iPod.

JVC HP-FX500 ear buds made from wood

Well, here’s a new logical approach, take the same things that make speakers sound better and apply them to ear buds. Well, JVC did just that and made these ear buds out of wood with what looks like a bass port and everything.

New ATI Radeon cards leaked

So there is the Radeon HD 3450, 3470, and 3650 the loose specs of each were leaked out over the internet on Christmas. The cheapest, at about $50, is the 3450 featuring an RV620 core with 525MHz core and 256MB of memory and DisplayPort for HD video.

MSI NX8800GT graphics card is packing more memory than most people’s computers

This nVidia 8800 series graphics card is packing a full gigabyte of memory. And, they operate at a gigabit per chip (there are 8 of them), oh, and there are a bunch of power saving features to keep things green, like money.

ASUS M930W takes cues from the LG enV

It looks a lot like the LG enV or the Nokia E90, but its nothing like either of those. It flips open to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard, a D-Pad, and a larger screen than the external one.

U.S. Army making use of Apple Mac computers

Apparently ever since 2005 the Army has slowly been integrating Apple technology into their systems. Not a big deal you might say, but they are doing it for security reasons, which is a new one by me.

Adtec AD-HSM10 world’s smallest Bluetooth headset

Check out this Bluetooth headset that is claiming to be the worlds smallest, and at .9x.86x1.2 inches it probably is. It weighs .01 ounces or 5 grams, which makes it considerably lighter than the Motorola Miniblue H9.

PlayStation store cards finally hitting shelves

So if you have a PSP or especially a PS3 the content available for purchase on the PlayStation has probably garnered your attention, well, they are finally putting the pre-paid cards for said content on store shelves. So far it appears to only be the $20 cards, and even then have so far only been seen on an army base.

300,000 words inscribed on a the head of pin

Nanotechnology is fascinating to me. I’m going to attribute that to the ‘girl/miniature’ gene of mine. The most current newsworthy item in the world of nanotechnology is apparently making tiny bibles.

Rose Microphone – Not something you want to give to someone as romantic gesture

The things people come up with that are so clearly geared towards woman/children are just ridiculous sometimes. So lets take a look at an example of what not to get the woman in your life, because it’s just not that cute.

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