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LG, you suck at making washers!

LG, you suck at making washers!

Spending nearly $2,500 for a set of washer and dryer is serious business. While I love LG mobiles, the consumer electronic department is leaving an extremely nasty taste in my mouth.

We bought their top of the line washer WM2487WHM and dryer at Best Buy right before Christmas and they were delivered and setup yesterday. On the day of delivery, the washer would just spin and spin and spin some more without dispensing any water. So I called Best Buy in Tempe, AZ and the manager was kind enough to rush out another unit today. So I thought, way cool - BIG kudos to Best Buy for going above and beyond the call of duty.

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Sony is preparing to launch laptops with Penryn processor

Not wanting to get left behind by Acer and Fujitsu-Siemens, Sony is preparing to launch its Penryn based laptops. The VAIO AR7, FZ4, and SZ7 will feature Intel’s new Core 2 Duo mobile that uses 45nm-manufacturing process. The Santa Rosa Refresh platform combined with Penryn based CPU will give laptop users longer battery life. Now all I need is to get one of these Penryn chip on my MacBook Pro!

CES 2008: We Will Rock You!

Well, I don’t know if we’ll rock the show, but I’ve been playing Rock Band for a few hours now so that’s all that was in my head. But we will be at the show, the lot of us are arriving on the 4th, that’s more or less going to be a set up and acclimation day, and then the coverage will begin promptly on the 5th of January with CES 08 pre-show.

iPhone 1.1.3 firmware for real or fake?

iPhone 1.1.3 firmware for real or fake?

Mac Rumors suspect claims from GearLive may not be real since the alleged features shown do not correlate with some earlier rumors of the upcoming 1.1.3 firmware. However, upon casually inspection, the 1.1.3 screenshots do look convincing.

The iPhone 1.1.3 firmware includes new features such as Edit Home Screen where you can rearrange icons on the home screen. You simply drag icons around with your finger. The Locate Me integration with Google Map is definitely a welcome feature.

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Smart Subwoofers from Thiel Audio

Thiel Audio, one of the few finest and world-renowned high-end loudspeaker makers in U.S, rolled out a new series of SmartSub subwoofers designed for ultimate bass reproduction in home theater and music sound systems. The 4 new lines of subwoofers, namely SS1, SS2, SS3 and SS4 is capable to generate a deep, dynamic and low distortion bass down to 10HZ. They are active-sub and powered by 500 watts (SS1) to 1000 (SS2-4) watts high efficiency mode amplifier with thermal overload protection.

Windows Home Server has issues

Other than it being a Microsoft project, it screws with the files you save on the server if you modify and then save them while they are on the server. They are, however, working on a bug fix and apparently whole home server team is working through the holidays to fix it.

How-To: Get into the LCD market by making panels in weird sizes

Wow, this is so extremely dumb I am having a hard time writing about it in between fits of maniacal laughter. Anyways, here’s the deal, Chunghwa Picture Tubes or CPT is a Taiwanese company who got a (not so bright) bright idea to make 18.4-inch LCD panels.

Microsoft working with Gyration for what might be a new motion sensitive Xbox 360 controller

So the Wii obviously has motion sensitivity, in facts that’s just about the only way to play the system, and then there is the PS3 that has motion sensitivity even though its not used near as much as the Wii, that leaves the 360 as the only system without motion sensitivity. That’s not entirely a bad thing as I would assume that leaving out the motion sensitivity makes it easier for game developers to make great games based on the same old standards that have worked for years.

Using USB Stick as Credit Card

In Japan, it’s not unusual to see a cell phone is being used as credit card, like the M-Wallet system feature found in Motorola Mobile’s payment system. In Korea, they have the credit stick. Shinhan Card, Korea’s biggest credit card company rolled out Korea’s first ever USB type credit card yesterday. The convenient USB stick can be used at online internet transaction for secure payment or part of Shinhan’s franchise stores with the appropriate IC card reader.

Intel’s new Skulltrail platform is coming

So Intel got the bright idea to start repurposing their server level hardware for gaming. It really is genius, because hardcore servers can deal with massive amounts of processes quite well, and all they had to do was beef up the chipsets for more video performance and add some of the standard things that come on high end gaming boards like high end audio and PCIe x16 slots.

Venus JXD 305 PMP looks surprisingly good

I love reporting on these amazing foreign personal media players knowing that it will be years before we ever have the video support or even the audio file support they off in a single player. These days we are lucky if we get MP3, AAC, and then if the company has one, they’ll throw in some proprietary audio format.

Mitsubishi projector really cheap at Circuit City

Now, this isn’t really cheap in comparison to a box of paperclips, but for the home theater buffs looking for a high-end, but comparatively cheap projector Circuit City has your pot of gold. The projector is a Mitsubishi HC4900 which offers up 1920x1080 resolution also known as 1080p, a 7.5k:1 contrast ratio, and a thousand ANSI lumens.

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