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Mustek FreeStyle Headphones with built-in 2GB Storage and Mp3 Player

If you are irritating with wired and cumbersome media player hanging around while jogging or working out, Mustek may has just what you looking for. The Freestyle is a lightweight 2GB portable and wire-free free headphone with a built-in Mp3 player. It plays Mp3 or WMA audio format file and powered by a Lithium-Ion battery that lasts 10 hours of playing time. The stylist Mustek is priced at $70 and will be available in March.

Mustek Stuffs Storage into Lightweight Headphones [via electonichouse]

Blackberry 9000 in the flesh?

Blackberry 9000 in the flesh?

If the device in the image below is in fact the real Blackberry 9000, there are going to be a lot of disappointed Blackberry owners or would be owners. Overall appearance shows that it is slimmed down a lot. The screen does look bigger than current models, and then again that could just be my imagination.

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Asus announces accessory line for the Eee PC

There’s nothing quite like having accessories. We buy them even if we don’t need them simple because we can and they match/go with the things we already have. The only thing better then having accessories is having “official” accessories.

Asus has released a line of accessories just for the Eee PC. There are colorful pastel mice that brandish the Asus name, ear buds, travel adapter, and battery extension pack. If you’re looking to expand your Eee PC experience, these items are a must have since they are made especially for it.

X-Lay portable media player from SAFA is tiny but packing

Why is that we want our TV’s to be huge and we want portable media players to be so tiny you have to squint to see them? It’s one of the great mysteries of the human race. In any case, there is yet another portable player to take into consideration for you teeny tiny needs.

Apricom DriveWire makes cloning your hard drive easy

The DriveWire is a product I could really use. I tend to have some… difficulties with computes. I kill them. It’s only after everything I hold near and dear is gone that I remember I didn’t back anything up and I’ve lost it all.

Clerks Wii Case Mod

I will always be a die hard Kevin Smith fan, I have every single movie, including his Evenings with Kevin Smith. Which makes me one of the female fans which according to him are either rare or completely nonexistent. That being said, I would pretty much kill to snag a replica of this Clerks Wii.

Pac-Man Joystick with games built-in

This year while I was doing my Christmas shopping for my niece and two nephews I came across these bad boys. I find it awesome that they found a twist to bring the classics back for the younger generations to enjoy.

The Power Block – good idea, bad execution

If first impressions were the most important thing this product would be screwed. This device is created to hide your cords, it looks pretty much like it's made out of cardboard or poster board. At least it isn't just a screen, it is also a power strip as well.

iPhone FM Transmitter lets you play your music via FM radio

I like to use to my car radio time to enjoy new music, maybe hear something I’ve not heard before. However, I know that some people only want to listen to “their” music. For those people who happen to have an iPhone or iPod, you can pick the iPhone FM Transmitter.

Wii Gamer Glove lets you keep hold of your remote

We’ve all heard the stories about people losing their grip on their Wii remotes and destroying their TV’s or other objects. Yes, it’s a terrible, horrible thing to happen to someone but that’s why you use the strap, to ensure your property remains intact.

Gen-X Dual Station let’s you play both NES and Sega Genesis games

Recently, my little sister and I were talking about the progression of gaming systems. This year I got an Atari, from my little sister, it’s not a full system, just a mini version of the game that comes with breakout and pong, but I was very excited to have it and she thought I was nuts. She had no idea what it was, nor did she remember ever playing the original Nintendo or Sega. This made me feel both sad and old. Today, however, I saw the Gen-X Dual Station and I feel there is hope.

iPhone firmware 1.1.3 full video demo

iPhone firmware 1.1.3 full video demo

I was skeptical at first based on the images taken from GearLive. Thank goodness for this video, I’m now a firm believer that the iPhone firmware 1.1.3 is for real. Check it out for yourself.

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