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Aerielle i2i Stream splits music sources wirelessly

In what is quite possibly the worlds dumbest idea, Aerielle, the company that makes FM transmitters for the likes of Kensington, iRiver, and SanDisk, has released the i2i Stream. Why is it the dumbest idea ever you might ask, well I’ll tell you, it’s a pair of devices that wirelessly stream music from one to the other, but require a charged battery and headphones and have a maximum range of 30 ft.

Salvador Dali Watch a great way to remember a greater artist

So we all can agree, for the most part, that Salvador Dali was an artistic genius right? Well, check out this watch that has him depicted on it with his mustache operating in halves as the hour and minute hands.

BenQ Joybook Q41 is a SideShow freak

Check out this new notebook from BenQ, not only is it small and compact at 14.1-inches, but it also has an external 2.5” LCD for Vista SideShow use. There are also all the necessary controls to make use of the screen including a D-Pad, and a couple of other buttons as well as a lock switch to turn off the external display.

Ultimate Ears 4 Vi made specially for the iPhone

Its not like it would be hard to tell what they were made for as they have in-line media controls and a microphone built in. But its nice to see a pair of high end ear buds finally made for the iPhone that are offering up all the same features and the buds included with the iPhone.

Helio Mysto finally hitting stores

Not on a mass scale though, apparently they’ll actually only be available in the Helio NYC and Santa Monica stores, and even then they won’t be advertised at all, you’ll have to specifically ask for one to even see it, let alone buy it. However, word is, there should be enough available for everyone that shows up and asks for one on the 26th and 27th, then after that they’ll probably be out of supply, for about a month.

Rumor: Blackberry Touchscreen 1.0 and Pearl 2.0 coming soon?

So this report from Research GMP Securities adds a lot of weight to this rumor, but its been around for so long that I am keeping it on rumor status until I see the damn thing. Nonetheless the people at GMP are reporting that they were shown exhibits from a couple different patent applications, the first a touchscreen Blackberry, the second a new Pearl.

Asus 2MP webcam – Scans business cards too

Right now Asus is hot. I don’t go through a day without seeing or hearing something about/by them. Like anything, when you’re doing well you don’t stop.

YourPND GPS Voice Over

I don’t have a GPS system myself but I know they’re popular and I know there are many different products available. I’m not sure it’d bother me so much to have a mechanical voice give me orders, especially if I bought it, but I can understand why some people might hate the voices on their GPS systems.

Bloomframe Balcony for more space in compact places

I adore products that make life easier in small living places. I know what it’s like to have limited living space and it sucks.

USB Flash Drives get more high tech

USB gadgets will get more ridiculous as time goes on but the original USB gadget, the flash drive, is actually getting smarter. Sure storage is great, but what else can you offer me?

Top Tag Pet ID Stores Important Information

Most of us own a pet and most of those who do see their pet as an extension of their families. Sometimes due to different situations, our pets will find themselves under the care of another person and it’s important that person know our pets vital information.

Carina Implantable Hearing Aid

Hearing is something some of us take for granted. My sister has some hearing problems due to birth complications so we’ve dealt with all sorts of different solutions and hearing aids for her.

The Carina sounds promising even though it’s only in “phase II” of its study. It uses four separate implants in the skull, including a fingernail sized microphone. It has a fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery which recharges via magnets you wear a couple hours a day. That kind of seems odd to me but since it promises a “natural feeling of sound” who am I to complain?