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Happy New Year!

I just wanted to wish a happy new year to all of our readers, staffers, and all the people we work(ed) with on a daily basis throughout the past year and in the year to come! As far as I know it the next big thing on the SlashGear calendar is CES, we’ll be there covering it live too, and then Mac World and there are a ton of other events I am forgetting but those are the most immediate.

Nokia N95 8GB for sale on Nokia USA website

Nokia N95 8GB for sale on Nokia USA website

Are you ready for the N95 8GB sticker shock? Nokia USA website has the phone listed $779! Don’t make a made dash to buy it until you think through your 3G needs because this model is NOT the US version. It uses the 2100MHz WCDMA band mainly for the European market.

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HP Compaq line gets Penryn blessing already

The Compay 6820s, 6720s, and 6520s laptops have all been blessed with Intel’s latest Penryn chips. In order, the laptops are 17, 15.4, and 14.1 inches respectively and are considered business laptops.

Narae Inter ball point pen does more than write

Sure it’s a ball point pen with replaceable ink and all, but the upper half has both a laser pointer and 4GB of flash storage built into it. Probably the nicest part is that it doesn’t look like some cheap knockoff pen, it actually looks like a nice pen.

HDMI adapter for older Xbox 360s brings joy to all

This simple Xbox 360 themed adapter will grant your older or newer HDMI-neglected Xbox 360 the same HD privilege that those with higher end or newer systems already enjoy. Actually, you not only get the HDMI port addition but you get the digital audio output as well.

Rumor: Asus Eee getting 4G and screen size bumps

This rumor comes from two different sources; the 4G wireless part is apparently from a preview site from Asus themselves and suggests that a new version of the Eee will have WiMAX. The other part comes from some sources that tipped off a Taiwanese paper that Asus was already manufacturing Eee’s with 8.9-inch screens instead of the 7-inch screens that are currently included.

Waterproof phones could become common practice thanks to P2i’s Ion Mask

So P2i has taken the technology the British defense department has been using to repel chemicals and gases from their soldiers uniforms and applied it to cell-phones to repel water from the high tech gadgets. Generally you had to add some size and girth to a mobile device to offer up waterproofing, whether it be from a special water-tight case or due to the seals being built into the actual phone itself.

LG Rumor debug menu allows entire device to be wiped

I am sure there have been a few times you wished you could just wipe everything and start over, and on a PC where you have the OS software handy, the only other thing you need is time, but doing the same on a phone could mean an expensive paperweight. Well, apparently there is code in the LG Rumors sold by Sprint that allows a person access to the debug menu.

Mercedes phone not actually commissioned by Mercedes-Benz

So this cheap knockoff, the Qkfone G998, has the Mercedes logo smack dab in the middle of the D-Pad on the front, but Mercedes never asked for such a (dis-) honor. Its not an entirely bad phone though sporting dual-band GSM, dedicated gaming and music controls, and a 2MP camera.

CES 2008: E-Lead Noahpad UMPC

So, E-Lead will apparently be showing off a new UMPC that looks (not-so-) surprisingly like the Eee PC that everyone has fallen in love with. The main differences are the lack of flash memory, a different distro of Linux, and some sort of weird input interface.

Xbox Live issues ensue over the course of the past week

So, Xbox Live users have likely had problems ranging from account recovery and matchmaking all the way to just signing in. They are acknowledging the problem and have said that they are working on it, but they have yet to admit what the problem was.

LG.Philips takes the art of multiple-touch technology into commercial size big screens

Coming next week at CES 2008, LG Phillips will be presenting world’s largest displays with multi-touch capability. The 52-inch multi-touch LCD is 5 inches largest than last model shown in IMID 2007. It has a full scale HD resolution of 1980x1080 and uses an infrared image sensor to register and recognize inputs from fingers or pointers. It also features industry’s highest specification of 90 Hz touch response time and a light transmission rate of 95 to 100 percent. Furthermore, LG.Philips LCD will be showing similar technology in an 84 inches LCD developed by joining four 42-inch panels in a two-by-two array.

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