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German iPhones unlocked using iTunes

German iPhones unlocked using iTunes

So some people are willing to spend 600 euro for an unlocked iPhone in Germany. According to customers who have bought the unlock iPhones, their IMEI number is recorded after their purchase and sent to Apple. 24 hours later, the customers were able to connect their iPhones to iTunes and get it unlocked. I’m guessing it won’t take long until the hackers start looking into iTunes unlocking mechanism and release their own unlocking solution using the iTunes.

[via macrumors]

Xbox 360 faceplate for the girly gamers

Any chick gamer can tell you that we occasionally take a lot of crap from fellow gamers. This faceplate for the Xbox 360 is in direct response to that issue. It is the face plate for ever girl who's ever been asked 'Are you on your boyfriend's Xbox?'.

Sony’s Slim PSP sold over one million unit since its launch in September

Sony’s Slim PSP sold over one million unit since its launch in September

PSP went on diet and gets more popular in Japan as it passes 1 million unit sales within two months. The slimeline PSP went on sale in Japan on 20th of September and according to Sony, it managed to sell 500,000 units within the first two weeks. Sony sheds 19 percent of the slim PSP thickness and 33 percent of its weight. Despite its slim down, the PSP gains more features such as a video-out port. However, Sony still behind Nintendo in handheld console wars as Nintendo’s DS Lite stays ahead in the game.

PSP 'Lite' passes 1m sales mark in Japan [via reghardware]

Computer Mouse Christmas Ornament

Not every bit of geekery gets that sought after 'geek chic' title and somehow I don't think this mouse is ever going to get it. There are a few bits of geeky Christmas ornaments that look great. This however, is a bit on cheesy side.

I fully admit that it is incredibly witty and I love anyone who finds a new way to reuse old gadgets. It might be a great thing if your third grade child made it. Then it would be a cherished item, but to actually sell it is a whole different ballgame.

TiVo service enters Canada

TiVo service enters Canada

Canadian can finally enjoy the famous TiVo service as TiVo announces its availability in Canada. Tivo Series 2DT is the only device that will be sold during the launch giving Canadian consumer up to 80 hours of recording time. The set top box sells for $199 at some stores such as Best Buys and Future Shop. As for the subscription rates, TiVo said it should be close to what US consumers are paying.

TiVo service goes live in Canada [via electronista]

Students create solar blinds

Most of us have blinds hung to try and block out a bit of the light or for just a bit of added privacy. A bunch of college students from Blakewater College have come up with the idea to use those blinds to gather a bit of energy.

Retro Atari Earrings and Charm

If you miss all those retro Atari games, sometimes its nice to have a little something to remind you of the 'good old days'. I'm sure I've said before, but Etsy is a great resource for original geek gear. This charm and earring set are a great example of that.

Protean Chair – A Chair to Suit Your Moods

Chairs don’t normally come with many options. You can get some that recline or massage which is nice, but the Protean Chair offers a few different and inventive ideas.

Designer Justin Porcano’s Protean Chair gives you various options for sitting with company. This multi-useable chair can morph into a loveseat with two end tables, two seats that share a middle table or even two seats that face each other for a better conversation atmosphere.

Bluetooth Helmet – Music for Fast Listeners

Despite the growing number of deaths caused by people who are so distracted with their music they quit paying attention to the world while only walking, this product is sure find its way into many hands. The Bluetooth Helmet is made for those who prefer more extreme transportation.

The helmet is made of an injection-molded ABS and a polycarbonate with an EPS foam liner. It has an integrated Bluetooth headset so that you can hook it into your iPod. Somehow I feel like this contradicts the whole purpose of a safety helmet.

OptiWind Mouse – The ‘Cool’ Mouse for Hot Hands

When you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, whether with work or play, you’re bound to end up with sweaty hands from time to time. The OptiWind Mouse wants to alleviate your sweaty situation.

This mouse comes with a built-in cooling fan to, well, keep your hands cool. It’s simple in concept as well as appearance. There is a manual control for the fan and there are some blue colored LED lights involved.

Sample Lab – the place for sample freebies

I love free stuff, whether its pens, key chains, candy, toys, food stuffs, mini shampoos, etc… I want it, they’re free and there, I’ll take it. Anyone who says they don’t like free things they are either lying or in denial. Free things rock and that’s what makes this Japanese idea so awesome.

The Sample Lab is literally that. It’s a place you can go to get free samples of stuff. While technically it isn’t free, you do have to pay an annual $11 fee, it’s still a bargain. Every time you visit you can have up to 5 sample items.

Bright Blind – The Faux Window

I guess I’m rather lucky when it comes to cubicle settings, I just happen to have two windows in my view so I don’t know what it’s like to be “trapped in a cubicle”. However, I’m sure those of you who do will appreciate this prototype by Makoto Hirahara.

The Bright Blind gives you a sense of the outside world (Resident Evil anyone?) using electroluminescent sheets. And if your fake window is pouring in too much sunlight, a simple adjusting of the blind will turn it down for you.