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Leopard to feature updated Front Row – Your Mac will feel more like an Apple TV

The big Leopard release is just around the corner, but as you might have noticed, people are already getting their hands on it. Some are getting it in for review, while others are getting it in a somewhat less-than-legal manner. Regardless, they all seem to be enjoying it. One of the coolest features that has been seen is Front Row.

Apple to release 80GB and 160GB iPod Touch! No, not really

Whoa, Apple just leaked some major news, they're planning to release the iPod Touch in 80GB and 160GB flavors! I'm telling you, it's hidden right out in the open on Apple Store's site. Take a gander for yourself.

Access Controller – Another awesome mod from Ben Heck

When I play my console games, I enjoy using the controller. Aside from guitar-shaped controllers, I've never really considered using anything else. The notorious hardware hacker Ben Heck has created an interesting one-handed Xbox 360 controller.

Aaeon 820T – Tiny board features built-in TV out and 5.1 surround sound

If you're looking to build your own HTPC (Home Theater PC), but want it to take up as little space as humanly possible, you might want to check out this Mini-ITX board from Aaeon.

Keypat Credit Card – One more hassle for your transactions

I have to admit that I don't really go all-out to protect my credit card from would-be thieves. I keep it in my wallet which stays in my pocket. If it gets stolen, I'm not actually liable for the false charges, so I'm not going to lose sleep over it. For those that are paranoid, you might check out this new card.

Going to buy a PS3? This simple Venn diagram will help you with your selection

Some people will say that having a choice is a beautiful thing. I won't deny the truth behind that statement, as life would be pretty bland without choices. However, sometimes there are so many choices that one has no idea which one to choose. Take game consoles, between the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, there are nearly a dozen choices. If you're looking at a PS3, here's a good Venn diagram that should help you in your decision.

NEC develops a “privacy monitor” that doesn’t sacrifice quality

Have you ever walked in somewhere and seen one of those really ugly screens that's put over a monitor to make sure no one else can see what's on there? I don't think I could ever use one for a long period of time, I've used them briefly when troubleshooting PCs, and they're not so easy on the eyes. Wouldn't it be cool if you didn't need one at all?

Guitar Hero Mobile – Yes, I’m serious

Guitar Hero is a great game, and I thought I'd never say that I wouldn't want another game in the series to be made. However, I'm really wondering how much enjoyment one would be able to get from a planned upcoming Guitar Hero title.

Some Orange Box owners are getting disconnected by Valve

Valve's Orange Box is certainly a great deal for those into first person shooters. I haven't had a chance to pick it up yet, but I'm sure it'll bring back fond memories of the sleepless nights I had while playing Half-Life 2. However, some people aren't getting much sleep because their copies have been deemed “invalid” by Valve.

Ford GT Nitro Gas RC Car – Tops out at 60MPH!

In case you didn't know, the Ford GT is a fast car. We're not talking Mustang fast, it's  in a whole different league. Most of the time when you see an RC replica of a fast car, it really goes pretty slow. However, this replica is fast enough to be driven on most highways.

Toyota Prius Limo

Yep, you read that right, just when I though I’d seen it all, someone goes and makes a limo out of a Toyota Prius. If his reasoning behind it wasn’t so sound, I’d think he was crazy.

Basically here’s what it came down to, the guy needed a vehicle that could haul his family of 6, do it for cheap, and save some gas. The salvaged Prius’ and about 200 hours later there was the Prius limo. The two vehicles reportedly cost him $10 grand and had non-rebuildable junk titles to go with them.

Samsung Quad Pen

Do you frequently get inspired with an idea or something of that nature but never have a pen or paper to write it down on and know you’ll never remember it? Well this probably won’t help, but it’s a pen (that you’ll probably lose) that you can use to write on any surface, and it will record the motions and convert them into handwriting on your computer.

There is an electronic sensor in the tip that records all the movements to some sort of storage, probably flash, in the barrel of the pen. So basically it sounds like a slightly more adult/advanced version of the kids version that recently came out to help you with your homework and all that jazz.