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Analyst – PlayStation 2 is nearly at the end of its life

I enjoy my Xbox 360, it sees a lot more action these days because I can play Guitar Hero on it. However, despite the fact that it's a generation (not to mention many years) old, I still love my PlayStation 2. It has been a faithful console, and has been with me for many years. Unfortunately, according to analysts, the console may finally be put out to pasture.

NBC removes all content from YouTube – Hula launching within a week

I've slowly been losing my respect for NBC. They used to be pretty cool, especially when they went and started providing their content on YouTube. Then they got the great idea to create their own video site (very similar to YouTube).

If you go looking for NBC content on YouTube you'll be quite disappointed. NBC has closed their account with YouTube and removed all of their content from the video sharing site. This of course is a prelude to the launch of Hula, the offspring of a joint-venture between NBC and News Corp to make more money from their videos.

Happy 6th birthday to the iPod!

Apple iPod, I'm really sorry. I missed your birthday, and what's worse is that I didn't get you anything. It seems like only yesterday Steve was presenting you to the world with just 5 or 10GB of storage and a FireWire connection.

Blu-ray dominates high-def disc sales in first three quarters of 2007

We know that Transformers really gave the HD DVD camp an edge with its record-braking first-week sales. However, we still don't know exactly how well the format war is going. Sure, you can look at hardware sales, but with the inclusion of a Blu-ray drive in the PS3, those numbers will always be skewed. Thankfully Home Media Research has some solid numbers on actual high-def discs sold.

RV2Internet – The most powerful WiFi antenna you’ll find for your RV

I've never driven cross-country in an RV before, though I did used to hang out in an old Winnebago back in high school with my friends. I don't think I could stand to be out on the road long enough to justify the need for an RV. The biggest reason is that I don't think I could live without a decent internet connection.

Sony DSC-T2 – A whopping 4GB of internal memory!

If you don't have a need for some massive zoom or a DSLR, there's no reason to get a digital camera that can't easily slip into your pocket. Sony has just announced their latest addition to their T-series that won't have any trouble sliding into a pocket.

This DSC-T2 has decent specs, 8MP, 3x optical zoom a 2.7” screen (touch panel). It has a lot of the features that you'd expect on a new Sony camera like their Super Steady Shot, Face  Detection and Smile Shutter that automatically snaps a picture as soon as your subject smiles.

Get your Guitar Hero fix a little early

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is only a few days away from release. If you just can't wait to rock out to the new music, fear not, there are a couple of ways to satisfy your inner rocker.

Thanks to a new hack, your iPhone can be a born again virgin

Knowing that 250,000 iPhones were purchased with the intent of being unlocked, there's a good chance that some of you have done just that. Unfortunately, that also means that you won't be upgrading your iPhone any time soon. Unless you do a little more hacking that is.

Pac-man Halloween DIY project

Sometimes the classic jack-o-lantern gets a bit dull and you need a bit of a geeky twist. Evil Mad Scientist took two gourds and created these Pac-man style decorations.

Dumbledore is outed, now buy the t-shirt

Everyone has been talking about J.K. Rowling's decision to out Dumbledore. Most of us find it especially odd that she chose now to do so. Well now you can make light of the whole thing with these two t-shirts.

The Dicota Pep Up Junior Messenger Laptop Bag

If you're in the market for a laptop bag but need a little more storage this bag from Next has enough pockets to keep anyone covered. The Dicota Pep Up Junior Messenger Laptop Bag has the longest name of all time, I wish they would slim these names down a bit. Is it really necessary to call it all of that?

OS X Leopard escapes onto net; first hands-on reports coming in

Oops, a Leopard called OS X has escaped onto the net and is currently running amok on torrent sites, two days prior to the official launch.  Ironically, only yesterday I asked if there was any company other than Apple that could keep its latest goodies under wraps, and now we find that what purports to be the final build of the operating system upgrade has been leaked and installed on the systems of Joe Mac-Owning Public.