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Mod – Original Xbox put inside an old NES

I love my old NES. While its 8-bit graphics can't hold a candle to those of my PC or Xbox 360, I still hold a special place for it. It was my first console, and I spent countless hours playing games like Zelda and Metroid. It always excites me when I see a new mod featuring my favorite console of yore.

Memory Infinate USB Drive – Connect them to expand your storage space, create jewelry

There are so many USB flash drives on the market these days that it's hard to find a design that it unique. The Memory Infinite USB drive is however, one of the most original concepts I have seen in some time.

Hack – Fix that wet LG phone

What is a cell phone's worst enemy? No, not another newer phone, water. Just a little sprinkle of water is sometimes all it takes to render your phone completely useless. What if there was a simple fix that the manufacturer doesn't want you to know about? Nothing like that could possibly exist, right?

Cross MP3 Player – What would Jesus buy?

I'm by no means a religious fanatic. I have my beliefs, but I'm not one to go parading them around, or trying to force them upon others. If you're one that enjoys wearing pendants that show off your beliefs, that's cool, but wouldn't it be better if they served another function?

Sony upgrade UX-series UMPC with 64bit CPU and 64GB SSD

Sony's historically cavalier attitude towards product naming - sometimes dozens of different names for different locations and slight hardware changes - and tendency to suddenly discontinue products has left fans nervous of changes in the company's catalogue; when the UX-series UMPC disappeared earlier this month there was as much talk of the project being canned as there was speculation around potential upgrades.  Thankfully they've gone with the latter rather than the former: welcome to the ultra-mobile fold the UX72, UX92S and UX92NS.


Updated Nokia N95-3 has exponentially better battery

The dastardly-delectable Darla Mack has been lucky enough to get a pre-release Nokia N95-3 - the US 3G version of the company's smartphone - and has immediately done some testing on the primary cause of N95 users' disappointment: the battery life.  Well, the great news is that Darla's N95-3, which came with a Nokia BL-6F battery pack, already looks to be far more power efficient than the pack in the original handset.


Gefen take High-Def PVR back to straightforward basics

If you've ever needed to extend, distribute or generally modify your audio/visual content then you're likely to have come across Gefen; the company has a strong back-catalogue of media extenders, KVM products and high-def converters.  Now they've bundled up all that know-how into a home-grown PVR, that looks ostensibly like a Mac mini clone but in actual fact is a dedicated media recorder.


ASUS Eee: still not launched, but reviews are emerging

Colour me seventeen shades of jealous.  French site (who are, unsurprisingly, addicted to all things ASUS Eee) have managed to get their hands on one of the super-compact notebooks and have been putting the thing through its paces.  Seeing the Eee sat on top of a normal-sized laptop brings home just how small ASUS have managed to make it; with its 7-inch screen it's intended for the youth market, but at the bargain prices (the range starts from $199) they're charging it'll likely find many homes in the bags of road warriors and students.


iBook video defect fixed by fire

It's usually a pretty safe bet that any of the elements plus your prized electronics equals repair time, but Geektechnique's Mark Hoekstra has turned that handy formula on its head by using the power of fire to fix his ailing iBook.  The poor little notebook was suffering from an apparently common issue for the range, where the solder balls holding the video chip onto the logic-board break free and you end up with garbled, temperamental or just plain absent images.  Apple's warranty fix programme finished a while ago, so instead Mark decided to hack the thing back to life himself: remelting the solder with a pot of burning pure alcohol sat directly on top of the chip.


Check out a video of the flaming repair, after the cut... 

Halo 3 launch – Didn’t preorder a copy? Good luck

If you didn't know that Halo 3 was launched just a little bit ago (at least for those of us on the East Coast) you've probably been hiding under a rock. If you didn't actually head out to your favorite game store to pick up a copy, you're probably better off, especially if you hadn't already preordered a copy. These two lucky guys walked out of the store at just a hair past midnight, being two of the first people to get a copy of the game.

95% Euro users uninterested in mobile TV

Since I'm a humble tech writer I can laugh at the news that a mere 5-percent of European cellphone users expressed any sort of desire to view TV on their handsets in the next twelve months; if I were a carrier, happily upgrading my network to cater for exactly that sort of mobile media (or an investor, knowing my money was being spent on it), I'd be less likely to see the funny side.  But it turns out that for all the growing options consumers simply aren't interested in using their mobile phone as a tiny TV.


Apple Leopard OS X upgrade scraps 800MHz support

The long-predicted move away from supporting PowerPC-based Apple hardware has begun, with the company's next-gen Leopard OS closing the door a little further on older machines via increasingly stringent spec demands.  According to sources, however, Apple engineers have found that, while initially they claimed Leopard would support "a PowerPC G4 (800MHz or faster)", tests on legacy hardware have shown it to run simply too slow to gain the company's seal of approval.


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