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Omega Double Eagle Co-Axial Chronograph

Sure they are aimed at golfers, but I’d wear one and I have never been any further into a golf course than one trip to the driving range and putting greens a long time ago. They are covered in gold and diamonds and they tell the time.

There are actually two watches, a mens and a womens, not much of a difference, just something of note. That means that the Omega Constellation (as in lots of diamonds) series got two new additions.

Zipit Wireless Messenger Z2

Don’t want a cell phone but looking for an instant messaging solution for when you are on the go? Well here it is, it supports AOL, Yahoo, and MSN, the three basics, if you need more than that, you probably wouldn’t find it on a cell phone either.

There is a miniSD card slot that you can store music on too, which in turn can be played through the integrated MyTunes media player, or you can stream them from the Internet. Obviously this beast connects via wifi, so speed should be good.

Motorola CPEi300 and CPEi800 WiMax Modems

What better place to unveil your offerings of WiMax modems than at WiMax World USA? That’s exactly what Motorola did, with one of their offerings, the CPEi300, appearing to be production ready or better.

The CPEi800 is mostly the same thing as the CPEi300, except the i800 has 4 Ethernet ports and WiFi, so I am just going to give the stats of the i300. First thing I must say, it looks pretty good for a wireless broadband modem, other than that, there are 4 ports and a reset button on the back. From left to right, there is a phone jack, Ethernet port, power port, reset button, and lastly another phone jack.

ASUS add WiFi-N, quick-boot Linux to P5E3 motherboard

In ye olden days your motherboard was made of cheese and was really just a place for the RAM to sleep; now you can't move inside a computer without bumping into dual-channels, PCI-express slots and random little surface-mounted chips with their own tiny fans.  ASUS have stepped up the game (if the game you're playing is "build a complicated circuitboard") with their P5E3 Deluxe WiFi-AP@n motherboard, which not only boasts such niceties as Intel's X38 chipset, Dual PCI Express 2.0 x16 lanes and support for DDR3 1800MHz dual-channel memory, but integrated 802.11N wireless and embedded Linux.


Handless watch tells time with magnetically-driven ball bearing

The fashion for strange, almost unreadable watches continues with Erich Lacher's ABACUS - normally the handless face is playground to a tiny ball bearing that rolls around as you move your arm, but hold it horizontal and still for long enough and magnets underneath will drag the ball to indicate the correct time.


Linksys leaks existence of Vista-friendly Media Center Extenders

It never fails to surprise me how many companies can't seem to manage updating their sites to schedule - either you have a recently launched product missing from the pages altogether, or something new "accidentally" goes live before the PR department would like it to.  Today Linksys are the careless ones, putting teaser details of their Vista-compatible 808.11n Media Center Extenders online then whipping them down again.


Nokia BH-501 Stereo Bluetooth cans put through their paces

Unless you're Apple, you probably think wireless headphones are most definitely the way forward.  Sadly up until now you've pretty much had a choice of a) very expensive models, or b) sets that make you look like a reject from a Borg collective.  Neither, to my upsettingly light wallet and social phobia, is a particularly happy option, which is why I'm so pleased to hear that Nokia's BH-501 set is a decent choice.


Is the Wiimote this season’s must-have?

Seeing as how I'm so squeamish I have trouble inserting a Q-tip, piercings have never really been my bag.  Still, if your ears have the necessary holes and you're just desperate to show off your Nintendo addiction then these Wiimote earings may just be the thing for you.


LaCie upgrade NAS to Home Edition with online sharing interface

Back when I reviewed LaCie's Ethernet Disk mini I was particularly taken by its UPnP media funnelling capacities (which still form the core of my home media setup); now they've upgraded the range of compact network-attached storage with the Home Edition, which adds remote access, iTunes media server functionality and Axentra HipServ for drag'n'drop file sharing.


Dual-Nokia (oh, and a couple of iPods) in-car setup

If you thought having a GPS stuck to your windscreen and maybe hooked up to your stereo made you cool, think again cowboy.  Super-portable addict ThoughtFix has certainly shown me up with his dual-Nokia tablet and iPod Touch mounted - as well as a hidden iPod mini, Harmon Karmon Drive+Play and a Motorola Q - in his Toyota Yaris.


Check out the video of it all in action, after the cut...

NEC LCD2470WVX – 24-inch HDCP capable display

NEC LCD2470WVX – 24-inch HDCP capable display

NEC added a new member to its Multisync 70 series displays. The LCD2470WVX is a 24-inch display for enterprise and high end users. It features dual analog and digital input technology.

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InfoBar 2 by Sanyo – No longer a concept phone

InfoBar 2 by Sanyo – No longer a concept phone

It was originally announced as a concept phone in October 2006, the INFOBAR 2 mobile phone has finally being commercialized by KDDI amd continue its simple style from the first version which was released in 2005.

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