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Linksys caves and admits Vista Media Center Extenders are coming November

Thanks to an "accidentally" published preview, we knew Linksys had a couple of Vista-compatible Media Center Extenders in the works; now they've dropped the coy act and restored the teaser page complete with some high-res shots of the boxes themselves. 

RoboSapien plays dress-up with creepy Elmo costume

Words cannot express how frightened this makes me.  Looking for all the world like a RoboSapien that has skinned Elmo and is wearing his hide like an extra from Silence of the Lambs, the coup de grâce is that, thanks to a personality upload, he can cruelly mimic the sounds and actions of his crimson prey.


Check out the video after the cut... if you've got the stomach for it! 

Dell SP2008WFP LCD display with built-in webcam

Dell SP2008WFP LCD display with built-in webcam

Dell is going to launch a new LCD display soon. The SP2008WFP is a 20-inch monitor that sports a 2-megapixel webcam with built-in microphone.

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Sharp’s latest 8-inch LCD could wind up in your next vehicle

It has a luminescence of 500 candelas/m2 and a contrast ration of 2500:1, which means it would be good for other applications, but instead it will likely wind up telling you how fast you are going. There are apparently several uses for this type of in-dash display.

First and foremost it could be used for gauges, or it could display multiple things, such as a digital read out of the temperature in and out of the vehicle, a digital speedometer with numbers instead of a gauge. And then in the background it could have information pertaining to your audio system, a backup or other parking cameras, night vision, maybe even GPS.

SlashGear unboxing video of Gateway One

As promised, here is the Gateway One unboxing video. I want to thank Glenn and Tawna from Gateway for helping us doing the unboxing.

The setup is as easy as plugging in the power cable to the system and you are good to go. No pairing needed for the wireless keyboard and mouse, it seems Gateway preset them to connect to the system.

FCC leaked details on what could be Nokia’s next internet tablet with GPS this time

Not much is known, as manufacturers are getting smarter and filing to have just about everything blocked from public view. What is known is that its made by Nokia, fits the pictured outline, and isn’t a phone.

We also know that it will have Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS all built in. Other than that we don’t know much else other than it did pass all its tests, so it should make it to market soon.

Computer Dynamics Ruffneck Zone 1 Computer

Its been touted as explosion-proof, but not so much in the manner you might think. It won’t survive a bomb blast from the outside, but it will, or at least the case will, survive an explosion from the inside.

It has a 15” touchscreen which even works with gloved hands. Basically, it is made for locations that contain or handle explosive gases.

D-Link introduces DSM-750 MediaLounge Player

D-Link introduces its new MediaLounge DSM-750 wireless media player today. The MediaLounge is a wireless video, digital photos and music streamer box. The device is HD video capable and using D-Link’s dual-band draft Wireless N technology.

Sony XAV-W1 entertainment system for your auto

It’s a double-din unit with an optical drive and 7” WXGA touchscreen. It will play CDs, DVDs, and SACDs.

The unit can also out put in 5.1 surround and supports Dolby Digital surround and DTS digital surround processing. You can view JPEGs, DivX videos, and play WMAs and MP3s.

Gateway One officially announced – Live shot and video

We recently reported that Gateway is about to release All-in-One desktop, and today SlashGear’s own Vincent went to the press conference and get some more information and live shot (videos and pictures) of the Gateway One.

During the press conference, Gateway said “One” is available for pre-order and will ship in November this year, however they did not give specific date. As we reported yesterday, it will be available in three configurations, the starting base system will starts at $1299 and high-end configurations will start at $1799.

Video after the jump (Unboxing video)

Chevy StabiliTrak

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, they estimate that nearly 10,000 deadly wrecks could be prevented yearly if electronic stabilization technology was used on every vehicle. GM and Chevy are working to that end.

What is StabiliTrak? That’s the same question I had, and I expected some answer that I couldn’t readily comprehend, something that went way over my head, not so much.

Asus P527 photo and specs unveiled

Asus P527 photo and specs unveiled

Asus announced the P527 in July earlier this year, and only recently a photo shows up on CNET Asia site. They also posted detail specs of the new smartphone from Asus.

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