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Advanced Wireless Solutions Backup Pal

What does it do? It backs up your cell phones contact list. It doesn’t require anything other than that I assume the phone has to be on, other than that, connect it, hit the backup button, and bam, your done.

You can even restore the contact list with the touch of a button. You’ll notice there is no computer involved anywhere in there, even though you can connect it to a computer if you want.

Viewsonic introduced four new value LCDs

Viewsonic introduced four new value LCDs

Viewsonic has added four new LCD monitors to its product portfolio. The first three are widescreen display modeled VA1926w (19"), VA2026w(20"), and the VA2226w (22", 21.6" viewable), while the VA926 (19") monitor is a 4:3 format display.

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Novatel USB727 from Verizon – wireless broadband modem with integrated data storage

Novatel USB727 from Verizon – wireless broadband modem with integrated data storage

Verizon wireless will make the Novatel Wireless USB727 available for purchase on October 5th. The USB wireless modem features an integrated microSD slot that allows user to use the modem as file storage (like a thumbdrive).

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Nokia N800 Internet tablet with WiMAX and GPS

Nokia announces its plan to introduce a WiMAX capable N800 Internet tablet by early next year. Intel has a hand in this plan by contributing its “Baxter Peak” WiMAX chip that will be implemented into the device.

Rock Band van spotted

You've probably noticed that our Vincent travels a lot. He gets to go out and have all of the fun while the rest of us sit in our offices and work. I had the pleasure of finding out that it's not all fun and games on the road. I left my hotel this morning at around 10am and on the plane by noon. I got back to Indianapolis around 1, I got home just in time to switch out my clothes for some new ones and make an appearance at a family gathering before hitting the road again.

Where did I head this time? I left on a four hour road trip to Chicago for the opportunity to play Rock Band before it comes out. I got to where I was going at almost 2am, however, I pulled into the wrong hotel and found a little surprise.

Uboatworx CQ-2 two passenger personal submarine

Two nice things about this submarine, the first is it stays pressurized at 1 atmosphere, or basically what it is on the ground. The second is the fact it doesn’t require fuel, its all electric.

Two bad things are, the 2.5 hour battery life, and the 14 hour charge time. But 2.5 hours in a submarine is probably a rush that is worth the 14 hour wait. There are 4 motors, two for thrust, or forward motion, and one for up and one for down.

Asus has four new products coming to market soon

There is the 14.1” F8S that weighs 5.5 pounds. It has a C2D T7500 processor, 2GB of DDR2, 1GB of Turbo Memory from Intel, a Radeo HD2600 mobile with 512MB of video RAM, 250GB HDD, WiFi of the a, g, and n varieties, and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR.

Next is the R2E, a 7” UMPC that has an 800x480 resolution. It has Intels 800MHz A110 processor in it, along with the 945GU Express chipset which were made for UMPCs. It also has 1GB of DDR2, 80GB of storage via an HDD, 802.11G, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, HSDPA, GPS, and a 1.3 megapixel webcam.

Rumor: New Xbox 360 SKUs just in time for holiday season

Two new things, the first is a new bundle with Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. The second is a new Xbox 360 Core system.

The new Core system will have HDMI, a 256MB memory card, a wireless controller and 5 Xbox Live arcade games. No word on what price point it will retail at, but I would assume the same one the current Core system is going for.

The Hamster Pedometer for the devoted pet owner

Here is yet another gadget to add to the long list of strange gizmos. The pedometer is not the conventional sort, but actually meant to monitor your hamster.

Halo 3 takes record $170m in 24hrs

You may not have realised, but earlier this week Microsoft released a little-known Xbox 360 game called Halo 3.  Well, obviously it had lovely packaging or something because apparently they took $170 million in sales in the US on the first day alone; that pushes it ahead of rival media such as the Spiderman 3 film and wretched wizard tome Harry Potter and the blah blah of blah.


Apple release iPhone 1.1.1 update; unlocked handsets re-locked

With little fanfare (but a video from Bob) Apple has launched their iPhone 1.1.1 firmware update, and while it doesn't bring such delicacies as Flash support there are nonetheless a few useful updates - not least the iTunes WiFi Music Store - and functionality tweaks to be had. However, in light of Apple's warning regarding modified iPhones and the potential for unexpected bricking following the update, the 152.3mb download comes with some trepidation. Here's the bad news: depending on how hacked your iPhone is, you might end up with a cellphone you can't use.

Full update rundown and the latest on the brick situation after the cut...

Palm Centro ‘casual smartphone’ finally launched

Well, it's September 27th and just as we told you, Palm has officially launched the Centro smartphone, the first all-new handheld from the company in some time. Unlike the Treo, which continues to be marketed as the besuited's best friend, Palm are positioning the Centro as the lynchpin of your happy, friend-filled multimedia life. That means functionality like email, IM and web-browsing as well as YouTube videos, Google Maps for the directionally-challenged and - taking advantage of the 90-day exclusive partnership with Sprint - On Demand and Sprint TV to funnel entertainment and news direct to the palm (sorry, Palm) of your hand.

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