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MSI PR210 YA Edition – Ultra Portable Laptop with HDMI output

MSI PR210 YA Edition – Ultra Portable Laptop with HDMI output

Life is full of colors, and MSI Computer believes a laptop should too. MSI introduces its new 12-inch PR210 YA Edition ultra portable laptop. It sports widescreen LCD and comes in Denim, Blue, Coral Pink, and Lime Green color.

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Folding@Home project breaks petaflop barrier thanks to PS3

It's been a while since I've heard much about the Folding@home project that the PS3 has become such a huge part of. If there's one thing that no one can hold against the PS3, it's the fact that it's got power, and Sony is letting the people put it to good use. The project has hit one of their biggest milestones ever.

Apple loses case in Danish court over faulty G4 iBooks

If you had an iBook G4, there's the very real possibility that you ran into some issues a little over a year after you got it. Namely, it would lose power for no apparent reason. Apple has long denied that there was an issue with that particular generation of iBooks. However, the citizens of Denmark think that Apple knew about it all along.

HomeHero Fire Extinguisher – Looks good, probably won’t save your house

I'm not a person that thinks everything in my house must look stylish. Granted, I don't want everything to look like crap, but I'm not going to spend a ton of money on everyday items just because they look nice. Take your fire extinguisher, if you even own one that is. Would you really go out and spend money on one that looks fancy?

Headless Dog Speakers – For the crazy cat lover

There are time where I wish that I were filthy rich. Not even because there is something lavish that I desire, but rather I wonder if it would turn me insane. I wonder if I would spend piles of cash on objects that are completely pointless. Would I buy a pair of speakers that look like decapitated dogs?

Refrigerated Docking Station – Perfect for both people that overclock their laptops

How many of you have ever tried overclocking your system? I wouldn't be surprised if there were quite a few of you, after all, it's pretty easy to do these days, many motherboards come bundled with software that needs only gentle prodding to crank things up. All you need is a little extra cooling and you're set. Here's the real question though, how many of you have tried to overclock your laptop? Anyone?

Dymo DiscPainter – Paints your CD in less than a minute

LightScribe just issued an update for their technology that burns images onto the top of your CDs. The update significantly raised the resolution and quality of the images burned onto the discs. However, you're still stuck with the limited gradient of colors. If you're looking for something a bit more colorful, check out this DiscPainter from Dymo.

Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 – Plays music from anything except CDs

Recently manufacturers have been making in-dash receivers that not only take CDs, but SD cards as well. This is a great idea, as it's much easier to switch out your music on an SD card than it is to burn a new CD every time you want some new tunes. However, this latest receiver has decided to take this a step further by removing the CD player completely.

New Alienware laptop boasts 640GB of storage space

How much hard drive space does your laptop have? I'm going to guess that it doesn't have more than your desktop. However, if you maxed-out one of Alienware's new laptops, that might not be the case.

AT&T to provide naked DSL by the year’s end

Something that a great many people have been pushing for is what's called “naked DSL.” No, it doesn't have anything to do with porn (though it can be used to download it if you so desire), rather it is the offering of DSL internet without the need to purchase a landline phone. AT&T will finally be offering this by the end of the year.

Apple admits to faulty iPod Touch screens

If you've purchased an iPod Touch, there's the very real possibility that you aren't impressed with its poor screen. This is because some units shipped out with faulty screens. Fortunately, Apple is actually admitting that there is indeed a problem.

Guitar Hero III tracklisting leaked

If you're looking for an unfair advantage in your next friendly Guitar Hero tournament, perhaps you should swot up on the following list of songs.  They're supposedly the finalised tracklisting for Guitar Hero III, next sequel to the insanely popular music games (and almost permanent distraction of SlashGear writer Chris Scott Barr).  As might be expected, there's a fair mixture of trad rock and classics-in-the-making such as Muse's Knights of Cydonia.

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