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IFA 2007 – LG shows off Pause & Play TVs with integrated DVR functions

DVRs have almost become commonplace in most households. I personally don't know if I could watch TV without one ever again. I hate flipping through channels to find something good, and I especially hate watching really bad commercials. Since many people are using DVRs, why not just integrate that function into your TV? That's exactly what LG is thinking.

IFA 2007 – iRiver’s new B20 PMP

iRiver has announced the release of their new B20 PMP. The new player features a 2.4-inch screen and supports many of the popular audio and video formats as well as FM radio.

The B20 will have internal storage of either 1, 2 or 4GB and you'll be able to add your own SD card for additional storage. You'll get up to 27 hours of battery life out of it when listening to audio files.

nVidia G92 Graphics to Replace 8800GTS

nVidia, the company best known for their bleeding edge graphics technologies is at it again, ATI dropped their HD series of cards so now nVidia has to best them. Their apparent intention is to replace the 8000 series of cards with the G92 at the mid level and the G98 at the low end.

The direct replacement that the G92 is making is of the GeForce 8800GTS. The G98 will replace some or all of the lower end 8000 series cards.

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