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Yahoo Mail Adds SMS Messaging Via Email

So this isn’t really new technology, or even and entirely new concept, however most companies that tried it previously had it as their main feature, whereas for Yahoo it is just an added bonus. Previous iterations of such a service either failed miserably, or began charging money, not this one, its completely free.

Pixelated Art Hits New High with Installation in Cologne Cathedral

Gerhard Richter decided to put together this pixilated piece of art as a gift. He said it was for the city of Cologne and the more than 1 million people that visit the cathedral each year.

QuestoDesign Abacus Watches Attract Minimalists

The Abacus watch is so minimal that they only sign that you might be able to somehow get the time from it is the little ball rolling around inside it. The little ball actually does sort of tell time, the face is blank so really it only gives you a good estimate.

White Spaces Coalition “Cause the FCC Won’t Let Me Be”

So, as a reminder, there is a government mandate that analog television signals are to cease as of a February 2009. That means that all of the wireless spectrum that was previously allotted to this purpose will become open for business if you will.

Well, almost as soon as that mandate was made, just about all of the major players in the technology world grouped up and formed the White Spaces Coalition. The companies that are included are as follows: Microsoft, Google, Dell, HP, Intel, Philips, and Earthlink.

MSI Twin Turbo Over Clocked At the Speed of a Button Push

Remember the days when most computers has three buttons, power, reset, and turbo? Well apparently they are nearly back.

MSI is releasing the Twin Turbo graphics card that has brought back the “Turbo” button. It is an nVidia based card; its full name is the NX8600GT Twin Turbo.

Nigel Sade features geek art at GenCon

One of best features about GenCon in Indy was seeing all of the cool geek art. There is a section dedicated to just artwork and one artist stood out within all the vendors.

Palm Foleo – Palm says it will be delivered on time

News from the rumor mill the other day pointed to a delay for Palm's upcoming Foleo. Palm however, insists that it is still set to ship on time.

Palm Centro Leaked Photo

Palm Centro Leaked Photo

We have a new leaked photo of Palm Centro and according to David Ciccone it looks pretty real and official. Sprint will be the first provider to launch this phone with price tag of $99. The Palm Centro features EVDO Rev A according to the tipster.

Palm Centro Photo Leak [via On Centro]

Video of the Day – The ultimate LEGO rubberband gun

Today's Video of the Day features one of my favorite childhood toys: LEGOs. Someone decided that they'd make a rubberband gun from these simple building blocks. However, this isn't your ordinary rubberband gun.

CORDhog – Cheap and simple way to manage your cables

I love wireless technologies. Someday I hope that everything at my desk will be wireless. Unfortunately, practically everything is still wired save my mouse and keyboard. One of the most frustrating things about cords is trying to keep them looking nice and neat. This simple little ball should help keep things looking more organized under your desk.

NeverWinter Nights 2 to be ported to the Mac

It seems like EA isn't the only game company rethinking their stance on the Mac. Aspyr Media has recently announced that they will be porting their popular title NeverWinter Nights 2 over to the Mac.

Tokyoflash Morse Code Watch Annoying As Hell

Sure, Tokyoflash has put out some moderately annoying, and hard to tell time timepieces before, but I really think this one takes the cake. Sure the picture of the Morse Code Watch shows the time rather straightforwardly, but don’t let that confuse you.

Its true mission is to give you a brain aneurysm while trying to figure out the time. Apparently there are three different “code” modes, one of which is Morse, the other two, I have yet to find an article or retailer even hinting as to what they are other than to say you probably need secret service training from somewhere to figure them out.