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Pantech IM-U200 Shooting Star

Pantech announces the new IM-U200 for SKY Telco featuring a streamlined design with its space ship like body, offers 1.3 megapixel camera, music player, document viewer and Bluetooth. Downside is this handset has a premium-selling price and only available in Korea. It is available for purchase this week in Korea with a price of around $545 USD.

The Sexy Pantech IM-U200 Shooting Star Phone [via slashphone]

IFO 3000 Levitating Objects

You do not need Harry Houdini to make an object float on the mid-air. All you need is the IFO 3000, a magnetic field powered device controlled by microprocessor that makes it to levitates objects (IFO 3000 accessories).

Hitachi introduced Biometric Finger Vein Reader

Hitachi introduced Biometric Finger Vein Reader

Fingerprint readers are pretty common these days with laptops, however Hitachi went a little further and developed Biometric finger vein reader. That’s right! It reads veins in your finger and uses it as identifications.

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Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on price drop

Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on price drop

Microsoft announced $20 price drop for Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on and will start selling it for $179 on 1st of August. Buyers will also get five HD DVD titles with purchase of the HD DVD drive add-on. The five titles deal is a mail-in offer similar to the one Sony offers for its Blu-ray player.

Xbox 360 HD DVD drops to $179, tempts with 5 free movies [via destructoid]

Mondo Systems introduces Mint wireless music system

Mondo Systems introduces Mondo Mint in Korea, a wireless music system featuring a mini Class-D digital amplifier, a pair of bookshelf speakers, an iPod dock and remote control.

Mtron SSD’s Reach Record Speeds

Mtron SSD’s Reach Record Speeds

Up until now, solid state drives had two major downsides, price (astronomical) and a poor cost to performance ratio. The extra money, in most cases, didn’t yield the higher performance, until recently.

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Toshiba Transmemory Gets ReadyBoost Upgrade

For those using Windows Vista, you probably know that if you really push it, it can get pretty resource intensive, thankfully Microsoft was kind enough to implement a great technology into the OS known as ReadyBoost. These upgraded Transmemory drives, I assume, have a higher transfer speed allowing them to be used quite effectively as ReadyBoost drives.

The U2K line consists of 1, 2, 4, and 8 gigabyte sizes. There will also be a limited edition 32GB version.

New Fujifilm FinePix S8000fd Has An Amazing 18x Zoom!

I am not quite knowledgeable enough about photography or cameras to be able to fully appreciate a DSLR. One thing I have learned from using point and shoots is that digital zoom is the devil, and a high optical zoom is great for taking distance shots.

Sony and Apple sued by Japanese couple over laptop battery

We know that thousands of Sony batteries have been recalled, but unfortunately, like all recalls, not all of the affected batteries have been replaced. Anyone that even thinks that they might have one should really contact their notebook's manufacturer. If not, you could end up with a horribly burned laptop just like the one below.

SK Telecom in talks to purchase Sprint Nextel

A statement released by a top executive of SK Telecom confirmed recent speculation that they are going to attempt to acquire the one of the largest mobile phone providers in the US.

Unboxing – RedPost/Kit

Remember that cool digital photo frame kit that I showed you last month? Well, I just had one show up on my doorstep today. It's a hefty box, and the kit is full of goodies. The enclosure feels solid, though I really wouldn't want to drop it on my toe.

Seagate to halt production of IDE drives at the end of 2007

Are you still quite fond of your IDE drives? If you're not wanting to switch over to SATA drives, you'll not have much of a choice when purchasing new drives in the future. We already knew it was going to happen eventually, however, I really didn't expect it to happen so soon. The first major hard drive manufacturer has decided to cease production of IDE drives by the end of the year.