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iFuntastic – Customize your iPhone with new network logo and more!

iFuntastic – Customize your iPhone with new network logo and more!

If you have not heard of a wonderful utility for iPhone called iFuntastic then you are really missing on some good stuff. The utility was originally made to make adding ringtones to an iPhone easier, however the newly released version 2.x has many new features such as replacing AT&T’s network logo with your own logo and re-arranging your iPhone’s icon placement.

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WM6 for Treo 750 sees the daylight – leaked ROM

WM6 for Treo 750 sees the daylight – leaked ROM

If you are one of Treo 750 owner that has been patiently waiting for a Windows Mobile 6 ROM from Palm or your provider should rejoice today as the Internet has saved you from the annoying wait and see phase. Windows Mobile 6 ROM was on the loose and available for download since yesterday.

This is not an official release from Palm or Treo 750’s carriers, but a leaked ROM. Here is the list of changes we know so far and many users on XDA forum has vouch for this ROM validity.

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Samsung displays their big screen TVs

If you're looking to buy a TV during the holiday season, Samsung will have you covered there as well. Here's a couple of  their new 81 Series LED displays you can look forward to during the holiday season.

Gen Con or Bust!

Ever since E3 announced last year that they would no longer be putting on the large-scale show that we've all known and loved,  we have all been searching for someone to fill that void. Gen Con has decided to step up and allow developers and publishers of electronic games to set up shop at their show. This is big because for the past 40 years, Gen Con has been all about the non-electronic games. If you can't make it, don't worry. We'll be right there bringing you a first-hand look at everything Gen Con 2007 has to offer.

Sweet Machine Candy Grabber

Remember those claw machines have that tendency to make you crazy trying to get some great prize? Usually it just doesn't happen, then if it does you get it out and realize it's just cheap crap. Well now you can get something decent from within the comfort of your own home.

Active Crystals – USB drives and earbud covered in Swarovski crystals

If you simply must have something else covered in Swarovski crystals to go with your Pirate Watch, then you might check out the offspring of Phillips and Swarovski's partnership.

Take your Wiimote to bed

Some people just go too far with their gadgets. I seem to recall a certain Gizmodo editor that enjoys sticking them down his pants even. But how many of you take your toys to bed? Well now you can sleep with your Wiimote if you so desire.

Possessed Books for the devious at heart

If you have that morbid sense of humor and get your kicks from scaring other people, this set of books is just the thing to add to your library.

Show your geek pride – the Motherboard Wall Clock

I know all the motherboard related gadgets have a tendency to look a bit dorky, but occasionally they do look good. Like this 14” Wall Clock, well at least in red.

Swarvoski Pirate Watch

I thoroughly enjoy a good contradiction, and this pink pirate watch is exactly that. Obviously since I have a pair of ballet slippers with skulls and crossbones on them you can guess that I'm going to love the pirate part too.

Samsung shows off SC-HMX10 and SC-MX10 camcorders

The SC-DX10 wasn't the only cool new camcorder that Samsung was showing off yesterday. They also showed off a couple of other new camcorders, one aimed at the enthusiasts that need hi-def video, the other is looking towards the YouTube crowd.

SC-DX10 – Samsung shows off their new Hybrid Camcorder at their Holiday in July show

Samsung was showing off a lot of cool stuff at their Holiday in July show yesterday. One cool new product was their new Hybrid Camcorder.

The new SC-DX10 Hybrid Camcorder has 4GB of built-in flash memory which allows you to quickly capture video. The 2.7-inch LCD touch screen makes adjusting the controls a piece of cake, and the swivel hand-grip is easily adjusted for the best possible shooting.

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