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CES badges to have embedded RFID tag

I just signed up for CES 2008 today and noticed something rather interesting. It looks like the registration badges will have an embedded RFID tag. According to the website the tag won't contain any personal information, rather it will only have your ID number.

If you're paranoid about Big Brother tracking your every move at the event (that is if you're planning on attending) you do have the option of checking a box to not have one in your badge. I'm going to have one in mine, I doubt that we'll actually even notice that anything is going on with it, as it's just going to track overall info for the show management.

Add some spring to your bum with the Springstool

I'm not sure what it is about the geek world, but we seem to be fascinated with strange design. This Springstool is right up our alley.

Harmonix adds Nirvana’s Nevermind to Rock Band

Harmonix adds Nirvana’s Nevermind to Rock Band

Rock Band is shaping up to be one of the best games I've seen in a long while. Harmonix has really gone all-out with not only the instruments that you get to play, but also on the songs you'll be able to rock. We can officially add Nirvana to the list of bands that we'll be seeing.

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The Guild – I think most WoW players can relate

I've spent my fair share of time glued to my computer playing World of Warcraft. I've since kicked the habit, much to my friends' dismay. Granted, I still get on now and then and do a few runs with my guild, but not very often.

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Correction – Cisco won’t be killing off Linksys name

Apparently a story that we reported on earlier today was not entirely correct. In fact, it was completely inaccurate. We reported earlier that Cisco was planning on ditching the Linksys name in favor of using the Cisco name on all of their products.

N64 rumble packs are quite popular in prison

I'm sure that at least some of you have done your fair share of modding, but how many of you have been to prison? Apparently inmates just love the N64 rumble packs.

GripGlider provides relief for those with aching wrists

I spend much of my waking day on the computer, not a big surprise since I write for a tech blog. Something that has concerned me for some time is the fact that since I spend so much time typing and mousing away, I am at high risk of getting Carpal tunnel syndrome. However, there is a new gadget that promises to help those of us that spend a lot of time on our PC.

High Score 100 Transformer turns into PlayStation controller

I'm sure that plenty of you have at least one Transformer stashed away in your house somewhere. Personally, I have an old 1990's Optimus Prime around here somewhere. Wouldn't it be cool to have one that turned into a PlayStation controller?

DeLorean cars to be put back into production

I highly doubt that any of you can honestly say that you've never seen any of the Back To the Future movies. I was born only a year before they came out, and I've seen them more times than I can count. Obviously, the first thing that everyone thinks of when someone mentions them is the DeLorean that was used as the time machine.

Unfortunately, not long after the movie became a blockbuster hit, the company went belly-up, and production of the car was halted. John DeLorean always wanted to be able to put the car back in production, but his effort was not realized during his lifetime, as he passed away in 2005. His dream however, will be brought to life.

DIY – Build your own custom Guitar Hero controller from scratch

I enjoy hacking and modding things for my own evil plans, however, someone has done something more extreme than I would probably care to try. Build a PS2 Guitar Hero controller from scratch.

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Transcend launches tiny 8GB 40-pin IDE Flash Drive

If you're looking at building a SFF PC, or perhaps some type of crazy mod, then you might not have the space for a conventional 3.5-inch hard drive. Transcend has launched a new drive that will certainly be small enough for you.

New Samsung i85 Looks to Replace Other Gadgets in Your Pocket

Aside from its picture taking capabilities, it makes good use of the touchscreen in other ways as well. Obviously it can be used as a photo viewer, but the added functions of MP3 player and PMP are nice too.

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